Best Of WLTC Part 1

December 27th, 2008

As most of us know, WordPress development happens at a record pace and trying to keep up with everything is a daunting task. However, the team here at WLTC does a great job filtering all of the WordPress related content on the web to bring the best to you. During the course of a year, this content adds up. Some of it being news posts, how-to guides, reviews, breaking news, etc. So, since it’s near the end of the year, I thought I would take a trip through the WLTC Archive and revisit come classic posts from 2008.

This series is broken up into two parts. The first part covers the months of January-June while part two takes care of July-December. When you browse through the links, let us know which one was your favorite or perhaps, which one has been the most helpful to you.


Install WordPress Locally 1 Of 2

Install WordPress Locally – Part 2 Of 2

Uninstall – Is There Such A Thing?

WordPress Plugin Uninstall Tool

Uninstalling Conundrum Part 2

What Makes a WordPress Theme Premium?

Suggestions For Plugin Standards

Configuring WP Permalinks

Plugin Authors: Organize Bug Reports and Feature Requests Using the WordPress Plugin Repository

Mobile Phone optimized WordPress

WPTeX: WordPress to pdf ebook with LaTeX

What Is WordCamp?


Trackbacks: Still Useful?

WordPress as a Contact Manager

Adding Your Plugin to WP Extend Plugins With a Mac

WordPress Lingo

ModSecurity, WordPress Admin and “Method Not Implemented”

WordPress 2.5 Demo Site

WP Plugin: Embedify

Printer Friendly Codex

New Twist on Premium WordPress Themes

Reformatting WordPress

Interview With WPThemerKit


Gravatars and WordPress 2.5

Add WP Search Engines To FF

WordPress Theme Forecast

Who Comments on Blogs, and Why?

Managing Trackbacks and Pingbacks in Your WordPress Theme

Prepare For WP 2.5

Colorful Future For WP 2.5 Admin

Where You Download a Theme Matters

2.3 to 2.5 Database Changes

10 Plugins To Combat Comment Spam

WordPress 2.5 Released


FAQ on WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 Upgrade Guide(s)

Ultimate Guide to the WordPress Loop

In Case You Missed It

Vulnerable WordPress Blogs Not Being Indexed

FAQ On WordPress 2.5 Version 2

Kubrick Header Generator

Define Your Own WordPress Loop Using WP_Query

How to Only Retrieve Posts With Custom Fields

Absolute Comments – Plugin Video Review

Yoo Guh Ler – Blogging Profiles

Paging and Custom WordPress Loops

Baltic Amber Admin Themes for WordPress 2.5

Organize Series – Plugin Video Review

Batch Category Editor

What Happened To PodPress?

Woopra and WordPress: Unofficial Coolness Guide


Create Your Own Admin Color Scheme

Error Management for WordPress Plugins

A Unique Monotone

Theme Designers And Print.CSS

15 Websites and,or Services I’d Actually Pay For

Chronological Order of Comments on a Post

Automattic Turns 21

How To: Avoid Duplicate Posts

24 Ways To Contribute To WordPress

Dashboard Widget Manager – Video Review

Removing Width/Height from the Image Uploader

Ajax Edit Comments Part Deux


b10Gg3r$ aR3 DaNg3r0u$

31 People To Follow On Twitter

Plugin Deactivation Issues Solved With Actions and Filters

Comment Remix – Video Plugin Review

Hiding Advertisements For Single Posts

The Ownership Of Comments

All In One SEO Lives On

What is the simplest WordPress blog you’ve seen?

How to: Offsets and Paging

Comment License Made Easy

How Much Would You Pay?

3 Under Rated Plugins

What You Need To Know About WordPress 2.6

Part 2 will be published on Sunday, December 28th.




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