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Plugin Review: WordPress Advanced Ticket System

January 29th, 2010
User Reviews

The other day, I had asked plugin developers to dish out their wish list for the plugin repository. Olivier published a comment recommending a plugin called WATS or WordPress Advanced Ticketing System as a way of handling support on your own website. After installation, users need to visit the Wats Options page within the Settings menu to configure the plugin. The top of the settings page has a donate button if you want to send a little coin to the plugin author which is not intrusive or bothersome. While configuring the plugin, you can click on each menu title to show detailed information about that settings group. The only problems I met when configuring this plugin is the user interface. Like I mentioned above, you can click on the settings title to show a hidden message that gives more details for the settings group but it’s not obvious this can […]

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How to write a good plugin review


When we launched our Reader Review series, I’m sure we created a few doubts in your mind about: How do I write a review? Will my review be accepted? What if my review gets trashed by readers? Is it really worth the effort? And so on… We published a list of reviews from our readers, so that is a good starting point. I’ll guide you through a few tips on writing a good review. Step 1 – Select the Plugin The first step to starting the review, is well finalizing on which plugin you want to review, then downloading and installing the same on your blog. This could either be a dummy blog dedicated for this purpose or maybe your production blog itself. Do you really need to install it? Well, the answer is obvious. Yes, you need to. Because without getting a hands on experience, you will never be […]

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Plugin Reviews from our Readers


Having launched our new User Reviews process for plugins, I didn’t give most our readers any time to get their plugin reviews across to me. In spite of this, we received a total eight plugin reviews for five different plugins. Here’s the list. Do check out the links and read what the reviewer has to say. Did you like their review? Comment and tell them. Share your experiences of the plugins with them. WP Greet Box We reviewed WP Greet Box on January 18. WP Greet Box is a simple plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer URL. WP Greet Box topped our list with three reviews of the eight reviews we received. JayPee had this to say: WP Greet Box not only helps you promote your RSS feed and increase your RSS feed readers but having these targeted suggestions on […]

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