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Having launched our new User Reviews process for plugins, I didn’t give most our readers any time to get their plugin reviews across to me. In spite of this, we received a total eight plugin reviews for five different plugins.

Here’s the list. Do check out the links and read what the reviewer has to say. Did you like their review? Comment and tell them. Share your experiences of the plugins with them.

WP Greet Box

We reviewed WP Greet Box on January 18. WP Greet Box is a simple plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer URL.

WP Greet Box topped our list with three reviews of the eight reviews we received.

JayPee had this to say:

WP Greet Box not only helps you promote your RSS feed and increase your RSS feed readers but having these targeted suggestions on your blog increases your blog exposure and loyal readership. Aside from promoting your RSS feed, encouraging social network bookmarking and article submission, WP Greet Box also displays related posts to the current post which leads to more pageviews and helps reduce bounce rate.

Read the complete review from JayPee Online >

David Porter, the WordPress Master talks about WP Greet Box:

As a blog publisher, one of the things I’m (and just about every blogger) always looking for is a new way to add more RSS feed subscribers and to get my blog to start out a bit from others.

There are a lot plugins to help with this out there, but not all plugins are created equal, if ya know what I mean.

Today, I want to show a plugin that I’ve fallen in love with, and that helps with getting those RSS readers and with making you stick out a bit in a over populated blogger’s world.

The plugin is called: WP Greet Box

Read the complete review from WordPress Master

Keenan Payne Pro Blog Tutorials reviewed WP Greet Box, pretty much following the pattern we have out here on WLTC.

Once you install and activate the plugin, it’s all self-explanatory from there. One thing you will more than likely do when you first install the plugin is activate various greeting messages. The default messages that come with the plugin are the ones like Digg, MySpace, FaceBook, and many, many more.

Read the complete review from Pro Blog Tutorials >

Improved Plugin Installation

We reviewed Improved Plugin Installation on March 1. This plugin is an improvement to the current WP 2.7 plugin installation methods. It allows you to install one or more plugins simply by typing the names of the plugins or the download URLs in a textarea. This means you can install all your favorite wordpress plugins in one go!

IPI came in as second with two plugin reviews of the eight.

The first was by Fyre Vortex:

Gone are the times that you have to scour to the ends of the Internet to find the plugin for WordPress that you wanted. But you couldn’t remember the name of the plugin/author of it.

Or that you just wanted to go to the plugin site, click a bookmarklet (You know, like the Is.Gd and Tr.Im bookarmklets that you drag up to your menu bar and click for something to happen?) and have it installed automatically?

Well, luckily for you, all of the features that I mentioned are all in this one plugin: Improved Plugin Installation!

Read the complete review from Fyre Vortex >

The second was by Lynette of Tech Based Marketing:

When WordPress released version 2.7 with better plugin discovery, and installation features, I literally did a happy dance – now let’s hope for something similar for themes but that’s another post for another day. So when I saw the Improved Plugin Installation Plugin mentioned over at Weblog Tools Collection…

Read the complete review from Tech Based Marketing >


We reviewed WP125 on January 25th. The WP125 plugin is designed to make it easy to manage 125×125 banner ads on your blog.

WP125 received one review from Izzat Aziz:

WP125 is WordPress Plugin that handled my 125 x 125 ads at the sidebar. It make advertiser job easier and faster. Even so there is some bug and need improvement.

Read the complete review from Izzat >

Feed Reading Blogroll

We reviewed Feed Reading Blog Roll last week. This plugin provides a sidebar-widget and a template-tag that add an enhanced blogroll to your sidebar. It checks on all your linked sites, when the most recent update has occurred.

FRB received one review from Aggelos:

If you got bored of these flat blogrolls, or if you want to offer something more to your visitors, then the Feed Reading Blogroll is what you are looking for. We are already planing to implement this plugin on our new Thessaloniki section. So, what is this plugin about? How it works? How or why are we going to use it on our new section? Just read the rest of the story.

Read the complete review from News Filter >


This was the first plugin we reviewed on January 4. Simple:Press is a feature rich forum plugin for WordPress. It fully integrates into your WP based site utilizing the same user records and database and displaying on a single WP page.

Simple:Press also received one review from Sebastian:

After a  bbPress rant in my last post about forum plugins, I reviewed Simple:Press now. I take you from installation over managing option, setting up forums and customizing the look straight to the posting action. Come with me.

Read the complete review from We Hate You >

The Others

Four plugins remained without a review this week.

Yet another plugin that we reviewed and I missed to mention in my earlier blog post was AutoClose.

If you haven’t reviewed any plugin this week, don’t worry. For next week, you have the five plugins above which did not receive a review, in addition to the one I’ll be reviewing later today. I’ll give you further details about the same in that post.




  1. tekzt (3 comments.) says:

    Thanks for featuring my review. I just finished reading some other reviews and two of them really made me more interested in some of the plugins. It´s very good to have reviews from more than one person accessible from the same place : )

    I understand this will be a regular thing now, but will it be weekly like your plugin reviews or will you do it every few weeks when there are more plugins that you reviewed to choose from? (the answer is probably somewhere on the site, but sorry, didn´t find it)

    • Ajay (209 comments.) says:

      As of now, it’s scheduled to be a weekly series. However, we’ll have to see the response of everyone. So, changes are likely :)

  2. SuperMario290 (4 comments.) says:

    Thanks a lot you guys for posting my tutorial on the site! I’d never done a plugin review before, which is why I kind of followed the structure you set up on your site. ;)

  3. David Porter (1 comments.) says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for sharing my review of WP Greet Box above. I really do love the plugin (just installed again on another blog I have) and had fun while I was writing it.

    I’ll do my best to stay involved with your plugin review system here and submit more.

    Personally, I’ve found quite a few plugins from you site that I found to be priceless in their own ways, so it’s cool to see a review I did here :-)

    Thanks again and keep on sharing,

  4. Jaypee (20 comments.) says:

    Thanks for including my review of the WP Greet Box plugin! Great plugin reviews. Looking forward to next week’s list. :D

  5. Oyun (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for sharing my review of WP Greet Box above. :)

  6. Thaya (51 comments.) says:

    I’m happy that WP Greet Box is quite the crowd favorite :).

  7. Lynette (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks for including my review. I did enjoy using IPI

  8. Manuel Rivera (1 comments.) says:

    Its a great time saver to provide various reviews. A suggestion: A link to the plugin download would save readers a lot of time hunting down the plugins that are reviewed.


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