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March 11th, 2009
Weekly Plugin Review, WordPress Plugins

It’s been more than two months since we began our Weekly Plugin Review. During this time, we’ve reviewed nine plugins. All of these posts received a good number of comments, with many requesting more features and with others being mini reviews of the commenter’s experience.

So, why not take this a step further? Starting this week, we’re going to throw up the Plugin Review process to everyone.

How will it work?

As you know, every Sunday we pick one plugin to review. e.g. last Sunday, i.e. March 8, we reviewed the Feed Reading Blogroll plugin.

After we publish our review, we’ll throw open the review process to all of you.

You’ll need to publish a review of the plugin on your blog. Your review should contain a link to the corresponding review post on WLTC.

After this, send an email to submissions AT wltc DOT net with the following information:

Subject line of the email: [APAD Plugin Review]: plugin name. Replace plugin name with the name of the plugin you reviewed.

Content of the Email:

  1. URL of the review on your blog. Make sure this is a direct link to the post
  2. An excerpt of your post. Maximum 50 words. This will be used by us.

You’ll have up to this Saturday, March 14 – 11.59pm EST to send us an email with the link to the review.

To be fair to all the plugins reviewed so far; this week, we’ll allow you to pick any of the nine plugins we have reviewed so far. The plugins are:

So, pick any one plugin from the list above, write a review on your blog and send us an email with the URL of your review.

Email sent? What’s next?

On Sunday, i.e. March 15, we’ll make a post out here on Weblog Tools Collection with a summary of the emails we receive.

Remember not every review will be featured out here. So, here’s some criteria used for selection:

  • Your review should link to the corresponding plugin review post on WLTC
  • Your review will have to be at least 250 words. (This may be relaxed if the review is really spectacular).
  • You’re site should be fit for all ages (family friendly), i.e. sites featuring adult content or with an adult theme will not be listed
  • Gambling, casino and similar sites will not be listed

We may revise this criteria at a later juncture.

How will this help you?

How does tonnes of traffic sound to you?

Weblog Tools Collection is a highly popular blog with tens of thousands of pageviews every single day. We have over 13,000 subscribers via our feed and our feed is delivered via email to 350+ subscribers.

Writing a good review is a good way of attracting visitors to your blog and converting them to regular readers.

Remember, the list will be formulated on a first come first serve basis. So, send in your email now! The clock is ticking…

Are you a plugin author? Read how you can submit your plugin to be reviewed by us.




  1. izzat aziz (2 comments.) says:

    i try to email it, but it always failed why was that?

  2. Jaypee (20 comments.) says:

    Just submitted my entry. Btw, you might want to edit the email address to submissions AT wltc DOT net instead of DOT com. :)

    • Ajay (209 comments.) says:

      Oops.. fixed the email. Thanks for letting us know and I got your entry.

      • Jaypee (20 comments.) says:

        No problem. I found out about it coz when I first sent the email, it got sent back to me (Delivery Status Notification (Failure)). I checked your previous posts and found out that it was .net instead of .com. :D

  3. fape (1 comments.) says:

    it’s sound great! could be the a spanish review?

  4. Nile (18 comments.) says:

    Does it matter if you guest write on a WP-related blog site?

  5. Ajay (209 comments.) says:


    I’ve updated the criteria with one more point. If you’ve written the reviews, please update the same with a link back to our corresponding review post.

  6. Fyre Vortex (2 comments.) says:

    Sent and done. :)


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