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March 19th, 2009
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So on the day of the release of the much [add verb of choice here] Internet Explorer 8, we would like to know what happens to your WordPress blog in IE 8.

Does anything look different? Does anything work? How about the Dashboard or the admin interface? Did you find any problems? Are you tearing your hair out or are you grinning from ear to ear? Would you suggest that everyone upgrade or would you suggest that we stay away?

This is one of those times that I wish we allowed the posting of screenshots along with the comments on this blog but links to screenshots would be much appreciated. Anyone know of a plugin that allows posting of screenshots in comments?




  1. Todd (1 comments.) says:

    Nothing out of whack with any page on my site or WP installation as far as any admin page or plugin page goes. All is well… for now.

    • 24Seven (3 comments.) says:

      Not sure what everyone is doing, but when we used IE8 and attempted to post, first it took forever to load and some plugin images (left side bar) didn’t show up – wp database. Tried to upload image and via the Upload/Insert and screen froze up. All is not well with IE8.

      We are running on Vista 32bit …

  2. Khristopher (7 comments.) says:

    Everything looks fine to me :) Including the admin.

  3. Fernanda Gomez (7 comments.) says:

    So far so good here

  4. Banago (84 comments.) says:

    If that is true, that is very disappointing!

  5. Kodin (1 comments.) says:

    All is fine , All is light :))
    :) It works just fine with Chrome , Firefox 3 , Flock.

  6. Michelle says:

    Seems to be no change from ie7. Same things break. Same things work.

  7. Sid James (1 comments.) says:

    I have tried and tested as much as I can all posts and images are fine

  8. Nehemoth (21 comments.) says:

    Some issues displaying the plugin called Feed reading Blogroll.

    Caused by some compatibilities issues.

    The information displayed is not complete.

    The Stats from the plugin WordPress stats are displayed incorrectly.

    Here you have to screenshots

  9. Milan Petrovic (13 comments.) says:

    Yes, I have tried it on Windows XP and things mostly look OK. Checkboxes don’t look as they should.

    BUT the most important thing are integrated Development tools. You can use them much like Firbug, they even copied some of the features from it like Layout. Using this tools you can change Browser (IE7, IE8, IE8 Compatibility) and Document Mode, and that can be used for testing. WordPress administration looks best with IE8 mode.

    BUT (again), IE8 is still far, far, far away from what the browser should be, and IMHO is still not usable because it’s forcing users to change modes so that they can see the website contents and still is lacking a lot of features and standards we use in Opera, Safari or Firefox.

    Microsoft should stop making browsers.

  10. Nehemoth (21 comments.) says:

    Some issues displaying the plugin called Feed reading Blogroll.

    Caused by some compatibilities issues.

    The information displayed is not complete.

    The Stats from the plugin WordPress stats are displayed incorrectly.

    Here you have to screenshots



  11. Quentin Rademaker (1 comments.) says:

    Well I have recently switched to mac so IE7 nor IE8 will be used by me as of now, both worked like crap. I am better off with Firefox, it makes blogging on my website so much easier ;-)

    And ever since I stopped using IE I strated smoking less as well, no stress more fun ;-)

  12. Roberto Scano (1 comments.) says:

    All ok in the admin area.

  13. Hikari (79 comments.) says:

    I will stick with FireFox 3.

    IE is damn harder to make work. But I’d like to know if IE8 has better support for standards!

  14. Epic Fail (2 comments.) says:

    Have you seen this total failure? I hate IE it should die.

  15. Željan (3 comments.) says:

    Even though Firefox eats so much memory I’ll stick with it as IE8 is not even close regarding the plugins, customization etc.

  16. Matthew Gerring (1 comments.) says:

    Well, IE8 must be standards compliant, because all of the hacks I wrote for Internet Explorer make my pages look like shit now.

    Make sure all of your IE conditional tags say “if IE7 or lower” or else your page will look stupid.

    For instance, due to IE7’s lack of support for :after, I had a really messy hack to put ellipses at the end of truncated content. Now IE8 displays two sets of ellipses- one for standards-compliant browsers, and one for my IE hack.

    Being Microsoft software, it will inevitably have a swarm of bugs, security holes, and code bloat, so I’m going to keep using Firefox. However, IE8 is theoretically nicer to developers and fully supports CSS 2.1.

  17. Keith Yager says:

    I just installed the newest stable version of WordPress on IE8, Windows 7 build 7048. Everything works perfectly, it’s also the first time I ever setup PHP and MySQL on IIS without running into any problems.

    IE8 works just as good as Firefox, Opera, and Chrome when it comes to rendering my WordPress pages. Everything looks pretty much the same as it does on other browsers.

  18. Banago (84 comments.) says:

    It seem we have a false alarm :)

  19. [[Neo]] (1 comments.) says:

    RE: Screenshots – use Jing,

  20. John-Daniel Trask (1 comments.) says:

    Editing themes in the admin area is slightly broken. The code editor doesn’t account for the space of the file list and therefore sits below the folds.

    IE8 without compatibility mode enabled.

  21. Jason Hansen (15 comments.) says:

    IE 8 works fine with WordPress. Personally, I think Safari 4 renders WordPress faster. Even the login page looks a little different in Safari 4. Unlike IE 8 & Firefox 3.0.x, it renders the shadow around the login box. IE 8 doesn’t even render the round edges, but Firefox does. I just can’t get away from FF, which necessarily isn’t a bad thing.

  22. Dermot (1 comments.) says:

    Have any of you tried putting IE 8 through acid test 3?

    if it done anymore poorly it would fail before the page loaded.

  23. Geren (2 comments.) says:

    I can’t speak for IE8, but I can for the new Safari 4 Public Beta on a Macbook running OS 10.5.6 — when I try to add a link using the WYSIWYG editor, everything “dims” like Lightbox … including the link data dialog. At that point, I have to force-quit Safari and start over. I’m not sure yet whether this is a WP issue, a Safari 4 issue, or a plug-in interaction issue.

  24. jacobbrett (1 comments.) says:

    Most of the visual errors apparent in earlier IE versions are now gone.. My site looks pretty close to how it does in Firefox now.

    IE7 (broken):

    IE8 (nearly there, lack of rounded edges):

    Fx3 (perfect):

  25. Samir (9 comments.) says:

    Hello all,

    No changes observed so far while using wordpress in IE8,firefox3 and chrome.

    All browsers works very fine with wordpress :)!!1


  26. Jim Gaudet (2 comments.) says:

    Well, I would like to tell you what my blog looks like, but IE 8 crashed on my over and over again.

    Sticking with Chrome..

  27. One .Net Way (1 comments.) says:

    Installed IE8 this morning and checked WordPress admin after making sure that my site was running fine under IE8. I’m happy to say that I have not faced any issues. Moreover the site and admin seems to be faster under IE8.

  28. The GTL™ (5 comments.) says:

    All good here :-)

  29. Bjoern (1 comments.) says:

    No problems found so far!

  30. Viper007Bond (91 comments.) says:

    Dunno, don’t care. IE doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned.

  31. ?? (1 comments.) says:

    there seems to be a bug on CSS support.I set max-width and height:auto property on IMG tag,but IE8 seems to ignore the height:auto and make images longer than normal…

  32. MYTH.Graphy (2 comments.) says:

    I tried updating my blog with a new post, but each time I hit the ( Post ) tab in my dashboard,

    a massage pops up for me to save an HTML file =S none of the sub-links under ( Post ) are working =S This problem is occurring in both Windows IE & Mac Safari !!!!!

    • MYTH.Graphy (2 comments.) says:

      regarding my problem these three tabs are not working in my dashboard ( Posts – Post New – Edit )

      each time I click on one of those I get a MSG to save either post.php or new.php or edit.php to save in my computer, but I can’t access the posts page !?!??!

  33. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    Why are people still using IE? I have it at work and it frustrates me.

    I’d rather use FF.

  34. Ajay (6 comments.) says:

    My blogs work perfectly in IE8. Have been running the betas for a long time so the testing is done there.

    However, the WordPress Admin is all messed up sometimes and so I’ve been running it in compatibility mode.

  35. Sunil Pathak (2 comments.) says:

    I think Firefox 3 is the best browser till date, and the wide range of plugins available for it makes it even batter then IE. i like it ever since it launched. and never used any other browser since then.

  36. miklas (1 comments.) says:

    A good place to test how your site looks in different browsers is . You can select browsers and operating systems and get screenshots to download. It takes a while to generate the screenshots but is well worth the wait.

  37. Fyre Vortex (2 comments.) says:

    Lol. Right now on my Mac so I can’t really download and install IE8 yet though.

    Hoping it’ll be cool for me. ;)

  38. rayvolvez (2 comments.) says:

    tested on windows vista business / ie 8

    everything looks fine and in place for me. not much difference and seems to work fine.

  39. Cojo (1 comments.) says:

    Everything it’s OK for now :)

    • PIF (2 comments.) says:

      Sorry about the brief post.

      Just go to browsershots select from a gazillion different browsers, enter you url and they will take snaps of you site for free in as many browsers as you select, the upload or look at on site.

  40. Kate Mag (3 comments.) says:

    Everything is okay. Not worry about IE8, only worry about IE6

  41. Dan (1 comments.) says:

    On 3 or 4 sites the template editor window does not display the content any longer.

  42. iHacks (2 comments.) says:

    Everything looks fine.

  43. Ron (1 comments.) says:

    Everything works the same as far as I know also in WP2.5 till 2.71

  44. Joe @ Synergy (3 comments.) says:

    I upgrade back in the day (to IE8) and ended up uninstalling it. I’m just not thrilled about the amount of websites that broke (a few months ago it was about 1 out of 4).

  45. Andrew (1 comments.) says:

    I use safari so its hard to test this myself, but I’m also curious what happens.

  46. Rob says:

    Only problem I have found is when posting blogs the body text doesn’t stay in the margins of the input box. Can be fixed by hitting the compatibility mode button though. I like IE8 so far looks like Bill’s done a good job…!

    • USCitizen (1 comments.) says:

      Body text – when editing posts stretches beyond the margins – words do not wrap.

      Very annoying…

      I’m off to look for the compatibility mode button.

  47. Matt Crowley [msft] (1 comments.) says:

    The IE team is over at MIX09 right now in the Compatibility Lab. If you’re over here and want to help us look at your WP site, we’ll be sitting on the 3rd floor lab until 3PM.

  48. Arthur Thornton (2 comments.) says:

    I have reported a few bugs on my blog. Please view this page:

  49. Studio Stefke (1 comments.) says:

    Tinymce breaks in IE8 (write a long sentece across multiple lines and hit return, sentence will break out of the text editor box)

  50. Bob Moore (1 comments.) says:

    I would never use a 2 day old product!
    I never run out and buy a new OS.
    Wait a year!

  51. agesilaus says:

    Beware if you have a NVidea 8600 video card. IE8 broke my desktop display. Removing it fixed the problem so there is no question that was the source. I updated to the newest drivers too so that wasn’t a problem.

  52. John (1 comments.) says:

    IE8 doesn’t seem to show embedded Youtube in posts and doesn’t say anything about a Flash plugin.

  53. John A Thomson (1 comments.) says:

    Everything fine with the five WordPress blogs I support.

  54. Karl Blessing (1 comments.) says:

    nothing happened… because I was unable to start IE8, the newest version simply crashes upon startup.

  55. Eddie Gear (2 comments.) says:

    Hi there,

    I haven’t really tried it as yet. I will most probably be doing some testing on this over the weekend.

    Eddie Gear

  56. Nick Grimshawe (2 comments.) says:

    I use to defend IE. There are still sites where IE is the only browser that works, but I am a Flock fan through and through and hardly ever use IE any more.


    • BillinDetroit (2 comments.) says:

      Nick, That is precisely the reason I used to detest IE … the number of pages with “best viewed in IE(X)” at the bottom. I gave Opera, Safari and a half-dozen others a trial and finally settled on FF. It’s been a while since I checked, but Galeon used to be the fastest thing on two wheels. I’ve never tried Flock … what OS does it run on?

  57. Chris (1 comments.) says:

    I can’t understand why IE8 fails for so many people. Personally I’m not a die-hard IE fan (I use Firefox 3 when I have the choice) and writing CSS etc for <=IE7 is about as painful as it gets. That said, IE8 works fine with all the sites I’ve tested, including the 6 WordPress sites I manage and, yes, their admin panels/dashboards. If IE8 crashes on startup it points to a problem outside IE8 – that’s logical considering it works fine for so many other people. If there was a core problem with IE8 it wouldn’t work at all – anyone can see that. I use IE8 on a site where it’s an enforced policy and I think it’s ok. Although I’ve only had IE8 installed for a couple of days it hasn’t crashed yet and every site loads just fine except for the Acid3 test which causes IE8 to pack up and go on vacation. Even the built-in dev tools in IE8 look pretty good so far based on the couple of minutes I’ve spent checking them out. That’s one feature that should prove unvaluable to WP theme developers.

    Will I switch from Firefox to IE8? No, but I will continue to use IE as a valid test platform for every (WordPress) website I maintain or work on.

    This is my opinion only but it sounds as if some of the problems people have with IE8 are caused by their systems having OTHER problems that they either can’t find or haven’t bothered to try and find …

    • Jacques | Link Development (1 comments.) says:

      The IE issues is just a pain in the butt! Since swopping over to FireFox I haven’t looked back, and I haven’t used IE for more than 4 years now (except to display pages that wouldn’t display in FF – mostly older web pages that haven’t been updated or redeveloped for many years)

      I’m subscribed to WooThemes, and they are actually looking at dropping IE6 compliance, and had a recent poll amongst us members to see if that is generally considered to be a good idea. Now if we can just eliminate IE altogether the world will be a much better place.

  58. Theo van Stratum (1 comments.) says:

    No problems at all. It is working as it should be


  59. tom says:

    Half of the information on my pages doesn’t even show up through the IE browser! I use Firefox Mozilla and have no problems at all. Is there anything I can do (as a workaround) to insure that my WordPress site is more consistent in various browsers?

  60. Canvas Art (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks to Microsoft for providing us such a secure browser.

  61. Paul Schuilenburg (1 comments.) says:

    So far so good here, no problems arround here :-)

  62. Cavalary (3 comments.) says:

    Admin looks pretty much fine, just noticing a weird space to the right of the scroll bar in the edit post textarea. As for the blog itself, yeah, some text doesn’t show up initially, but that’s a known IE issue, just seems that IE8 has different “triggers” for it. If it’s a link just hover over it, if not scroll a bit and it should show up. If it’s a page that doesn’t have enough text to scroll, hm, bit of a problem…
    Otherwise, IE8 seems to respect the same “web standards” that made me really hate FF, because it behaves irrationally with several CSS commands (and it’s not like I use very advanced stuff). Plus a few other such annoying “compliances”. They might respect certain standards, but that doesn’t make them any more right. Some standards are just wrong…

  63. Al (2 comments.) says:

    IE8 screws up my admin panel when I am working in the editor mode. Also, when writing a new post I have trouble editing my text. With every single change IE8 takes me all the way back to the first line of my post. The browser is not bad, it’s only a hassle to work in the admin panel, at least for me. So I stick with Opera.

  64. Cavalary (3 comments.) says:

    Oh yeah, what Al said, just noticed it now. Hadn’t actually edited a large piece of text before writing the previous comment. When you write something it makes the line you’re on be at the bottom of the edit box (if the text is larger than the box and that can happen of course), automatically scrolling up if you’re editing something that’s not at the end of the post. Also, each autosave makes the edit box scroll up (though it’s not all the way up, it’s weird). Quite annoying.

  65. Al (3 comments.) says:

    Yes, right Cavalary. Plus when working in the editor, no matter if you work in the sidebar or in single post or in the css: the box goes down, leaving the menu in the right top corner. I never experienced this before in IE5/6/7. In Opera everything works fine, but this item is about IE8. Now, Microsoft promised to get as close as possible to the standards. As close as possible is not enough though. I wonder what WordPress will do about this annoying issue. One could think of a plugin making the admin panel look fine. But that’s the same old song and that’s what we didn’t wanna hear anymore.

  66. Steve (2 comments.) says:

    I had a problem in admin when adding widgets and dragging them up or down to order. The widget just disappeared and wouldn’t let me me change the order.

    Also Lightbox 2 plugin is temperamental and sometimes doesn’t work.

  67. Isabella (1 comments.) says:

    It worked fine for me BUT flash 10.0 doesn’t work… So I went back to IE7 but no Flash… I am SO frustrated…

  68. Bern Leckie (1 comments.) says:

    IE8 breaks my admin views – we have PodPress installed, which produces a “Podcasting” section in each page edit admin page. It displays in an incomplete way – the “Add media file” button fails to appear, and nothing which is meant to appear below that appears.

    Using compatibility view doesn’t fix things. That’s IE8 useless as far as I’m concerned…

  69. DUG (1 comments.) says:

    IE has proven to be a the biggest pain in wordpress site development, 95% of all the sites i have developed (42) have all had issues displaying in ie 6 7 & 8, when they ALL display perfectly in firefox and chrome.
    i have given up on pleasing the ie gods and make a point to advertise that the sites are deigned to be viewed in firefox and then provide a link to download and install firefox. Just say no to Internet Exploder!

  70. Dave Gould (1 comments.) says:

    I created a simple political blog for my daughter in WordPress. IE8 can’t even display it. Pain in the arse. Probably is the template. Don’t use IE and haven’t for years. Junk then Junk still.

  71. nick lee (1 comments.) says:

    Well, i was searching for solution when it pretty much screws up my blog.

    I had display issues in IE and had fixed it.. and now its back again. on the homepage, it will display fine, but once you click on a post. wala, that where it screws you up.

    I spend 2 hours at twilight searching for solution and now its 6am
    and i thnk, i better put a “meant to be displayed in FF and chrome” link..


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