Send in your entries to the Plugin Competition!


There are now over 30 posts about new plugins on the WordPress Plugin Competition blog if you have not checked them out already. The prize purse stands at about $3000 thanks to some generous sponsors and well wishers. But the competition is about to come to a close.

As promised, please send in your entries to the following email in the following format:

Plugin Competition Entry Submission Email: ******@****.net

Subject: WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 Entry: [Name of your Plugin]

Body: [Your Name] [Your Email Address] [Your Paypal Address] [Plugin Competition Blog Post about your plugin] [Plugin Description] [Blog/website Address]

Attachment: [a zip file containing the final version of your plugin to be considered for judging]

If you have not done so already, please register on the Plugin Blog and post your entry on the blog so our readers can vote on them (did you vote on the plugins yet?). Then once your have all your bugs worked out and features tweaked, send us the final copy. We will receive entries till 11:59 PM on the 1st of August.

Thank you to all the Plugin Authors for participating in the competition. If you know of a plugin author who should participate, please send them the required links. If you need ideas for a plugin to enter into the competition, check out our post “What would you like in a WordPress plugin?




  1. Joshua says:

    How do I send paypal donation for the prize? Thanks.


  1. […] We have received forty two entries into the WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 and we will continue to receive entries till the end of the day today. Please submit your entries as soon as possible. Instructions and submission email as posted previously. […]

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