WordPress Theme Releases for 07/25


Stunning Silence


Stunning Silence: it’s an amazing and customizable WordPress theme. It’s got lots of goodies like a huge options page, a great Twitter integration (straight in the header!), artful and delicious color schemes, but on the outside, all your visitors will see is a beautiful, modern, simple, and stylish theme, putting the spotlight on your work



Palmixio is a theme for WordPress, its features : two columns, widget ready (sidebar and footer), custom gravatar, flexible width, threaded comments, easy to customize.

Evr Green

Evr Green

Evr Green a free magazine styled wordpress theme, enabled with personal Twitter updates, social bookmarking, tabbed content, email subscription, and lots more.



OfficeFolders is a blue, grey and white, widget ready two-column theme with a right sidebar.

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  1. Mark says:

    Office Folders – check the footer.
    Stunning Silence – check the footer.
    Neither make it clear that the links CAN be removed without issue.

    Stunning Silence is being dealt with through the Themes directory.

    • Kamtizone (3 comments.) says:

      If it were a matter,
      How far we still should keep the footer link after we do so many edits in a themes?

      I wonder about it for long, it was one of so many case make me doubt to use a free theme.

    • Justin Tadlock (51 comments.) says:

      Why should it be made any clearer? Both themes are released under the GPL, which makes it pretty clear that the user can make any modifications they want. Neither theme says that the link must be kept intact. They simply asked for it to be.

      Do theme developers now need to go out of their way to tell users that a footer link can be removed rather than simply giving them the license?

  2. Joe (1 comments.) says:

    Kamtizone – technially, if your theme is based off another theme then the links should remain if the author stipulates that for use. Otherwise, depending on license, you should probably do what you feel is right.

  3. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    I don’t like about 99.9% of the themes posted on this page,
    because most of them are on bright white backgrounds with strange color combinations like white on orange or white on light blue, or something really odd like that, that are designed for 12 year old little boys with eagle eyes with 1600×1200 resolutions..

    Someone needs to come out with a cool theme, similar to these,
    that uses DARK backgrounds on bright bold lettering, for us older people with poor or failing eyesight.

    One of my biggest gripes about most all these themes, is their designed for 12 year old little boys with 20/10 visual accuity, which is really stupid because the majority of our blog readers are older more mature adults who don’t have very good eyesight anymore.

    Its not the size of the font thats the problem, its the color schemes. Most of them are on these white bright backgrounds that are literally blinding on most LCD displays. think DARK backgrounds, like black or darn close to it, on bold lettering… :)

    • bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

      ya know, and add the cool stuff like everyone seems to be wanting too, like the twitter stuff integration, facebook connect integration, draggable sidebar items, widget support, etc etc :)

    • FutureExpat (2 comments.) says:

      Don’t assume that all older eyes like dark backgrounds. While I agree that far too many designers today are designing only for youngsters with perfect eyesight, in fact, most of us find dark letters on a white background easier to read. I’m a baby boomer, and I can read the white backgrounds much more easily.

    • Shawn Ann (7 comments.) says:

      I happen to like a few of those themes and although I’m not “old” I am older in my mid 30’s.

      Not to be rude or start anything but I find it a little rude to call the people who make these free themes a 12 year old just because you have a hard time reading from these themes. In fact, I’d be pretty offended if I had made one of them to be called a 12 year old little boy! Not everyone likes the dark themes and some of us are still trying to feel young by having a snazzy looking blog. We need the variety and you aren’t going to like every theme that comes along. If you don’t like them, fine, but at least be nice about it so you don’t offend people.

  4. Scott (4 comments.) says:

    Those RSS chicklets that look like they’re falling behind the page…does anybody besides me think they not only look like hell but also confuse non-RSS-savvy readers? Am I that old and grumpy? :)

  5. kamtizone (3 comments.) says:

    Thanks @ Joe & Justin

    Finally I just think like this

  6. pakchiller (1 comments.) says:

    nice themes,,,
    simple and attractive,,

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