Plugin Competition Last Day

July 31st, 2007
WordPress Plugin Competition

Today is the last day of the WordPress Plugin Competition. So today is the last day for you to submit plugins to the competition. If you were planning on submitting a plugin, please email the final version of the code to mark at wltc dot net. I must receive your code by the end of today for your plugin to be eligible as an entry into the competition.

If you, as a plugin user, have not checked out the competition entries and tried out some of the incredible plugins, head over there right away. Once you have downloaded and used the plugins, make sure you come back to the competition and rate the plugins that you have used. Your ratings will go a long way in helping us determine the best entries into the competition.

Thanks again to all the sponsors and donors that have made this competition a reality.




  1. Alex (5 comments.) says:

    Maybe it would help to make a summary page of all plugins, so it is more fair for plugins that have been announced early and are now stuck lower on the front page or even on earlier pages. Maybe one could even set up an overview where each plugin gets a short review and can be rated from 1-5, the way you can rate the announcements now.

    Having all participating plugins on one page might also help getting more quality and reliability into the ratings, because this way, the evaluators can (and have to) explain their decisions, and rating can be done comparatively.

  2. Eric says:

    I agree alex, it was kind of confusing the way that this is set up.

  3. Derek Burress (2 comments.) says:

    I keep seeing some of the same plugins appearing more than once. Why not just write one post and at the bottom have an updated section on the changes and stuff? Kind of getting confusing seeing one plugin and four posts below the same plugin. Not sure if they are two different plugins by the same author or what until I scroll back up and see that the newer post is nothing more than a bug fix, etc.

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