Plugin Competition is heating up!

July 14th, 2009
WordPress Plugin Competition

Are you a WordPress plugin developer? Have you looked into the WordPress Plugin Competition? Are you signed up on the Plugin Competition blog to publish your plugin and enter the competition?

We have 18 plugins announced so far for the competition, with at least five posts in draft stage (so at least five other plugins waiting to be posted). If you have written a plugin since the start of the competition (1st of May) and are looking for some more exposure for you and/or your plugin, read through the rules, signup on the plugin competition blog and post your plugins.

  • We will be posting the plugin submission email address on the last week of the competition. Please stay tuned. If you do not submit the final version of your code, it will not be considered as an entry into the competition
  • If you are a user of any of these plugins, please do not forget to rate the plugins as they are posted. Your ratings take a major part in determining the winner
  • If you know of a plugin author that might benefit from the competition, please provide them with the link. Help us get the word out to developers who might be up to the challenge and write us some fantastic code
  • Don’t forget to check the competition blog often to find new plugins and encourage the authors

If you did not know this already, there is over $3000 in cold hard cash to be won in the competition! Generous donations made by WPMUDevBuySellAdsWPWebHostWhite Shadow, Ozh and Techtites have made the awesome prize pool for the competition a reality. Thank you to all the sponsors, developers and authors for helping us make this event a reality.

Now if you are a RockStar WordPress plugin developer, are looking for some attention for your plugins and think you can win some cash, what are you waiting for? Only two weeks left in the competition!!




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