Uber unique Prize for Plugin Competition


Kym Huynh is a songwriter and is writing a song about WordPress (just for fun I have been told) and has offered to write a song and record it professionally in a studio for the winner of the WordPress Plugin Competition! What an amazing prize! I love it when WordPress Samaritans offer their thanks in their own way. It has been added to the growing list of prizes for the competition. Thank you Kym!

For those that have not noticed, we have eleven plugins entered/announced for the plugin competition already, with many more in the works. Have you signed up yet?




  1. Giovanni (1 comments.) says:

    I’m developing a plugin.
    can I add my plugin to the contest at the last day for example?
    thanks :)

  2. Jeff Chandler (295 comments.) says:

    HAHA, I heard him mention the idea on the WordCase podcast and thought that would be a really unique prize. Good on you Kym for pursuing the idea.

  3. Martin Welch (5 comments.) says:

    How I wish I have time to develop my own and join your contest. Well, congratulations in advance for the lucky ones. :)

  4. wil waldon (1 comments.) says:

    At times like this, i wish i was a developer ;)

  5. Andreas Viklund (1 comments.) says:

    Nice prize, although it is not that unique. About four years ago I made a song for a similar contest, although focused on frontend design and not related to WordPress. Still, a studio production as a prize in a community-based code writing contest. And I doubt that I was the first one to do it, having seen other producers do similar things in other contests on the web…

    Not that it makes this prize less fun, this is a great initiative to encourage plugin writers – and a really fun prize to win as well! It is just not ├╝ber unique. :)

  6. Dave Moyer (1 comments.) says:

    I produce and host the WordCast podcast with Kym every week, and, knowing Kym, I think this could be VERY unique :P.

    Also, Andreas, while I’m sure that writing a song for a contest prize is by no means unique in competitions worldwide, I definitely think that this is something that could be considered “uber-unique” in the WordPress and blogging community.


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