WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 Started!


The WordPress Plugin Compeition 2009 was underway on the 1st of May. This precludes the fact that any plugins developed or released after the 1st of May (but before the 31st of July, inclusive) can be entered into the compeition. There has been a lot of interest in the competition but no entries on the Plugin Competition Blog yet. If you are interested in posting on the blog but do not have a registration, please register there and we will give you the proper permissions. Please use this forum topic on the WLTC Community to ask for or request ideas for plugin development as part of the competition.

As for the prizes, over $2300 have been pledged towards prizes for the competition this year, which is awesome. We are looking for more corporate and personal sponsors for the comeptition to make the prize purse as attractive as possible. If you would like to sponsor some prize money, please contact us using the contact form in the menu above. This is a good way to provide some reward to the WordPress Plugin community and to get some advertisement for your blog, service or website. Any Tweets or linkage back to the competition is also very appreciated.

Game on (or should I say Plug on) !




  1. Tommy Brunn (6 comments.) says:

    It will be very interesting to see what type of innovative ideas people will come up with. It’s great to see competitions such as this, really contributing to the community!

  2. Comment Relish (2 comments.) says:

    Looking forward to the results so I know which new plugins are worth installing on my blogs.

  3. Mark McWilliams (3 comments.) says:

    I’m not sure if the Plugin Blog is working as it should be, almost every link I visit there just takes me to a 404 Error page? – Maybe this is just at my end, although I’d be puzzled as to why it was just me!

    Could you have a little look Mark?


  4. johnbillion (7 comments.) says:

    Is registration enabled on the plugin blog? Looks like it’s not at the moment.

  5. johnbillion (7 comments.) says:

    Lorelle’s post about the plugin competition has raised a question for me. Are BuddyPress plugins eligible for the WordPress plugin competition?

    If so, would this also mean that bbPress plugins are eligible?


  1. blognews (blognews) (104 comments.) says:

    [planet wordpress]: Weblog Tools Collection: WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 Started!: The ..

  2. ezyblogger (Roseli A. Bakar) (5 comments.) says:

    WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 Started –

  3. antiprivacy (Anti-Privacy) (18 comments.) says:

    WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 Started! | Weblog Tools Collection

  4. JorgeMudry (JorgeMudry) (24 comments.) says:

    WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 Started!


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