What is going on with WordPress Plugin Competition 2009?


Short answer? It is jumpin! Have you checked out the Plugin Competition Blog recently? There are six new plugins announced for the competition and all of them look fantastic. The comments have been very positive and visitors have been actively rating the entries as they come in. Here is what we have so far:

In addition to these plugins, I know of at least 10 others that are being developed for the competition and I am hoping for many more. A couple of links and stats of interest:

So if you are a plugin author and would like to get your name out or would like to win the prize purse for the best plugin, be sure to throw your hat into the competition and show us what you are made of. If you are a corporate sponsor and would like to help us reward the plugin development community, please drop us a line.

You don’t need to be shy. Come on in, the water is just fine.




  1. redwall_hp (40 comments.) says:

    Tweetable is sort of an attempt at Twitter plugin consolidation. It uses OAuth instead of storing a username and password on your server, and is to my knowledge the only plugin to do so. I would like to slowly add new features until it becomes an all-in-one plugin that offers most of the Twitter-related features that most bloggers want. It already has the basics covered.

    • Joel Vaillancourt (1 comments.) says:

      There are a few plugins that use OAuth to integrate with Twitter.

      Twittley is one of them, there are others as well.

  2. Jeremy (3 comments.) says:

    I welcome the innovations that result from the competition, and I look forward to the ones from this year. But I do wonder how seriously some of the authors, who put so much into their entries, take the business of maintenance. One of the winners last year has not been updated in ages, and doesn’t work with 2.8.

    Of course there’s no way to enforce maintenance of a gift, but it is distressing.

  3. David Yang says:

    That is pretty frustrating sometimes. WordPress is constantly evolving so I can see how it can be hard to keep up with plugin development when it’s probably just a side project.

    Please remember to always give encouraging support for your plugin authors, whether it be in “coffee” or just a simple “thank you”. Think of yourselves as contributing to the development when you do this … while most of the work relies on the plugin author, a community of support can do wonders.

    • redwall_hp (40 comments.) says:

      I second that. :)

      Seriously, donations are a big incentive for me. I generally have far too many projects going at once, and a donation alert or two arriving in my inbox sometimes gets me to go and do a little bit of work on one of my plugins.

      • Jeremy (3 comments.) says:

        Just out of interest, when do you think someone should be prepared to donate? I do it when the plugin survives a major upgrade unscathed, like 2.7 to 2.8.1

        I suppose one could tip a small amount when you find that the plugin has been useful, and then more later. Have any plug-in authors considered a subscriptions scheme? I’d be happy to be reminded to tip again after WP has been through another cycle.

        • redwall_hp (40 comments.) says:

          I’ve found that people tend to donate after having a good experience with email support for the plugin.

          Generally I myself would donate if I find a plugin really useful. (*Really* useful, since I can’t do as much donating as I’d like to…) I’m not that picky about the upgrades, though it tends to be a deal-breaker when a plugin causes issues after an upgrade of WordPress. (*cough* IntenseDebate *cough*)

  4. Kevin Paquet of Pinoy Teens (10 comments.) says:

    Surprisingly very interesting plugin development going on, especially the Live Blog plugin :) I also wondered what has happened with the bit silent plugin competition.

    Kevin Paquet of Pinoy Teens

  5. Kristoffer Forsgren (1 comments.) says:

    Oh, pretty sweet Twitter integration.

    As a hardcore Twitter junkie I really like the concept! =)

  6. E-TARD (6 comments.) says:

    I tryed Tweetable
    but i did not like it
    I went with the thread-twitter plugin

  7. Andrea_R (29 comments.) says:

    Just a useability tip: there’s no link to the plugin competition on the main page of this blog, anywhere above the fold.

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