Shubho Nobo Borsho!

January 1st, 2009
Blogging News, General

Well, that is Happy New Year in Bengali. So we wish all our readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Our little blog grew slowly but steadily in the last year and our editors, authors and well wishers have made it possible for us to not only provide you with the most useful and up to date WordPress news, but we have been able to organize and support our Annual WordPress Plugin Competition, have been able to visit a couple of WordCamps around the US and have started a couple of new services around WordPress. If you want to know what the team is up to, be sure to check out the Weblog Tools Collection Crew LifeStream.

As always, we have been trying to improve our content, add more features and services, be good citizens of the WordPress world, all the while trying to increase our readership and our distribution.

  • We have brought back the Spanish Version of this blog. It was originally started as a small side project along with a German version but we found it difficult to find human translators for them. This new version is translated by a paid translation service called ICanLocalize and is using their custom designed WordPress plugin which we helped test and implement. I have to say that after having had such a hard time with translators in the past, I was very apprehensive of any such relationship. But Amir Helzer and his team of translators have not only been helpful, but they have shown dedication and care that is rare in this world of online business. The service is completely automatic and both comments and posts are automagically submitted for human translation through the plugin. Though the service is not cheap, it gives our blog a nice edge. So if you would like to read this blog in Spanish, please head over to WeblogToolsCollection Español and subscribe.
  • We have made some changes to the advertiser requirements on this blog, much of which drastically reduces our revenue. We now require that all our advertisers who want to promote WordPress plugins and themes, release their themes and plugins under the GPL or a GPL compatible license to be eligible to advertise on Weblog Tools Collection and related properties. Existing ads will be forced to expire and will not be renewed. We will also not link to any work from Premium Theme and Plugin authors that do not release their themes and/or plugins under a GPL or compatible license.
  • Jeff Chandler has restarted his WordPress Weekly podcast under the auspices of Weblog Tools Collection and judging from the download numbers and the listener particpation numbers, it has been a resounding success. You can subscribe to WordPress Weekly via iTunes. Jeff has had put together some fantastic shows for us already and we are excited to see what the new year holds in store.
  • Ajay is re-starting his “A Plugin A Day” or APAD WordPress Plugin Reviews which is always a lot of fun and is received well by our readers. We have received hundreds of applications to be considered for APAD and will be starting to publish them very soon.
  • We will hold another WordPress Plugin Competition this year. But in addition to the Plugin Competition, if advertising picks up, we would also like to start a Weblog Tools Collection College Scholarship to promote WordPress development and help students dip their toe in WordPress. Stay tuned for further details.

For all of us here at Weblog Tools Collection, our little endeavor is a painstaking labor of love. We love the attention but also love to receive feedback. To all of you who have sent us your comments and suggestions, we say thank you. We have paid close attention to all the suggestions and have tried to incorporate them into our world as best we can.

We would also like to say thanks to our readers for making us your Number One source for WordPress and blogging news and to the WordPress team for producing this fantastic tool for us to use and enjoy.

We raise our imaginary glasses in a toast to another great year of blogging with WordPress.




  1. kesepian (4 comments.) says:

    La multi ani. (Happy New Year! in Romanian).

  2. Miroslav Glavic (27 comments.) says:

    I have weblogtolscollection’s rss feed on my rssowl program. I love the plugging and theme updates, funny thing is that the last 20 pluggins I have uploaded to my main site came from weblogtolscollection.

    If you want a human translator for spanish then I am offering myself, Spanish is one of my mother tongues thus why I am better than any translator that uses a website or program. You can’t take the humanity out of translations. You have my e-mail as I filled it when I typed this comment.

  3. Maria (1 comments.) says:

    Godt Nyttår (Happy New Year in Norwegian) :)

  4. sarbartha (2 comments.) says:

    “Shubho Nobo Borsho” too you also.

  5. Jacky Supit (1 comments.) says:

    Selamat Tahun Baru! (in indonesian ;) )

  6. Chris (26 comments.) says:

    Hope to see the site grow even more in the upcoming year. I read almost every article and enjoy it very much.

  7. ezg (3 comments.) says:

    Laimingu Naujuju Metu!!(Happy New Year in Lithuanian)..
    I hope you will still write all this year and even longer, because I like your blog, it’s very good source about WordPress for everyone.

  8. Iva (8 comments.) says:

    Congrats and happy New year. Sre?na Nova godina! I hope the next step will be a redesign, as with all the widgets on the side, the site just doesn’t look pretty anymore.

    • Iva (8 comments.) says:

      Oh, and UTF-8 support. I can’t type a common letter.

    • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

      With the reduced revenue, a planned redesign has been abandoned for now. We are hoping that we will be able to plan another one in the future. Thanks for being such a caring user.

  9. Indranil (1 comments.) says:

    Another bangali!! :D Tomaro nobo borsho shubho hok!

  10. Wesley (13 comments.) says:

    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! (Happy new year in dutch)

  11. dotcomUNDERGROUND (1 comments.) says:

    Was so surprised to see “Bangla” over here.

    ??????? ?????? ????????
    (Apnakeo Nobo Borsher Subheccha/New years greetings to you too)

  12. clubmp3z (1 comments.) says:

    h4ppy n3w y3412 ( in hacker language :D )

  13. Ankan Basu (3 comments.) says:

    Hmm..Bangali arro acche..subho noboborsho…wish a great year of WP development!

  14. Barry (33 comments.) says:

    “We will also not link to any work from Premium Theme and Plugin authors that do not release their themes and/or plugins under a GPL or compatible license.”

    All their themes / plugins? Or just the themes / plugins that you link to? So if someone releases a GPL theme AND has none GPL work on their site, what is your stance then?

    Sorry to ask, but you may want to make this as clear as possible at the outset to avoid problems later.

    • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

      We would like to reserve the judgment for each instance but in general, our goal is to not link to individuals that switch between licensing schemes which are not GPL compatible. This can be taken very far and we will be careful to let our opinions affect our ability to report news. If there is any confusion or suggestions, please feel free to email me or contact us through the link above.

      • Barry (33 comments.) says:

        “We would like to reserve the judgment for each instance”
        That’s the problem though isn’t it? Unless you are absolutely clear about your rules from the outset, you are going to get people not bothering to contact you AND people crying foul when someone who, in their opinion, isn’t playing by THEIR interpretation of YOUR rules (or lack of them).

        I’d hate to see this bandwagon jump affect the future of such a great resource.

        • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

          No, that is not the problem and we should not make it a problem. Our policy to leave room for error is designed to tackle various types of issues that can arise from a linking policy. The rules are absolutely clear. There should be no doubt that our policy is to not offer advertising or linkage to Premium Theme and Plugin authors who do not offer their sales under a GPL or compatible license.

          However, nothing is ever in black and white and if we try to paint everything with a wide brush, we could make mistakes that could be avoided with some tact. We simply cannot say that we will never link to any blog that has premium themes or never link to a resource that advertises Premium Themes because we cannot be expected to read through every post or every theme on every blog that we link to just as much as we cannot be limited by the resource or means that sends news to us. We follow a similar policy on Sponsored Themes and beside a few human errors, we have not had a large number of issues.

          I will say that we will make a reasonable effort to not link to any work from Premium Theme and Plugin authors who do not release their themes and/or plugins under a GPL or compatible license.

  15. Shibani (1 comments.) says:

    Tomaro nobo borsho shubho hok too :)

  16. Narada (1 comments.) says:

    Eijo Ghosh Dada ki khobor. Onek din kotha hoi ni. Aapnar bangla amar wp dashboard’er modhe dekhe khoob bhalo laglo. Shubho nobo borsho aapne ke o janachi.

  17. Mike Lau says:

    I think WordPress is going a bit too far with this premium theme issue.

    Without all of the popular themes, wordpress would never have been this popular. Look at Drupal… It’s a great script but missing some great themes and plugins.

    WordPress can passively discourage premium themes but it seems like they have some “HATRED” against designers who are trying to make a living. Not every business model can be supported by open source. WordPress might have succeeded but it’s not easy for everybody else. For one success, there might be 1,000 failures.

    Give premium designers a break. Just try to be a bit looser. Maybe just be a little bit more laidback. This is going too far.

  18. hamdan (1 comments.) says:

    Sugeng Warsa Enggal, WTC pancen oye!!

  19. aritra (1 comments.) says:

    Subho Nobo Borsho :)

    Totally agree to what Mike Lau said above, i think instead of going against premium wordpress theme designers; wordpress should look at introducing better free themes themselves . the ones that are there are not upto that standard.

    • Iva (8 comments.) says:

      This is so true, 95% of promoted free themes have design that’s basically ridiculous for this period of time, they look boring and tasteless. Then again, it could be that my eyes are a bit too sensitive.

  20. teddY (4 comments.) says:

    I do not know of others sentiments about the premium WordPress themes but then again since it’s their blog, they have the right to decide who to link or not. They’re not actively promoting the boycott of premium WP themes but are encouraging designers to release their themes under GPL – and the designers are still the ones who will finally decide what license that will be applicable to their themes.

    Calling this hatred against premium themes is a little too much, but one compromise will be linking premium themes under a specific category that segregates them from the free themes available out there.

    Happy new year, anyway! (And it’s a little late *weak smiles*)

    • Barry (33 comments.) says:

      @teddY: I agree, and a if a designer wants to be included in the extend themes directory then the theme should be GPL.

      But, if a theme is GPL is rejected for inclusion in the directory because the authors site *which is linked to in the footer* has adverts for non-gpl themes. Then that is going a bit far dont you think…

  21. Samir (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve been following for the past couple of years, and I must say you’ve come a long way, in terms of useful content, recommendations as well as readership.


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