This blog is one year old today

October 26th, 2004

Let us try this again, with some fixes.

[EDIT] Comments seems to have been borked by an errant empty line in my common spam words. Please try posting your comments again if you were getting timed out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you, my reader, for all your patronage and I hope to continue to provide useful and insightful content in the future and will try my hardest to continue helping out with WordPress.

In the last year, this blog has grown to become a part of me. Weblogtoolscollection has been viewed more times than I am worth (which is not much, mind you), I have met many fine people who believe passionately in blogging and elect to spend hundreds of hours in helping people blog. I have come to be known as LaughingLizard (or LL in short) to many of my buddies. I have started serving ads to pay for some of the hosting. I have had to switch hosts three times since this date last year.

I love doing this. I cannot think of a better way to spend an afternoon at work. :P

Please come back and visit often.

[EDIT] Question of the day: How long have you been reading




  1. Edlef (3 comments.) says:

    Another try:
    How long have you been reading
    From the beginning 8-) It is the best compilation of stuff for WP!

  2. Jesus Vargas (4 comments.) says:

    Yay!! Congrats!!
    Reading it… more than 4 months, for sure. It is in my daily read.
    Continue the GREAT work.

  3. Podz (11 comments.) says:

    Since January when I installed WP.

    Excellent site Mark, it really is a great resource :)

  4. Hanni (3 comments.) says:

    Congratulations! (I can say it at last!). Been reading for around 4 months I guess.

  5. Brian (2 comments.) says:

    Congrats! Nice milestone for a nifty site. Been reading since January myself (when I installed WP on my own site).

  6. Prashant (2 comments.) says:

    How long have you been reading

    Ever since I switched to WP. It’s been a great resource!

  7. Narada (1 comments.) says:

    Mark. I’ve been reading this from the very beginning. It’s an excellent resource. I’m constantly amazed at how you manage to find the time to keep two blogs up to date! I can’t even find the time to update one! Many thanks for your selfless efforts.

  8. Ron (2 comments.) says:

    I think I started visiting almost as soon as it was up. Ah, those were the days – hacks for recent comments and recent posts. Not a plug-in in sight. Look where you are now!

  9. Gibarian (3 comments.) says:

    Late comment here. Started reading a month or so ago, just after switching to WP. It’s a great compilation, easy on the eyes and obviously lovingly put together. Keep it up!


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