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December 14th, 2009

It’s a question I’m sure everyone reading this post can answer and I’m willing to bet most of the answers are different. has compiled a list of answers from 21 notable people throughout the WordPress community to figure out why they choose to use WordPress. Here is my answer to the question:

The reason I chose WordPress is the same reason I continue to publish content through the software and that is through ease of use.

The publishing process in WordPress was simple when compared to Joomla or Drupal. The process is in a logical order and doesn’t provide 100 different things I should do before I actually hit the publish button. This process has been refined in the two years I’ve been using WordPress so it’s even better today!

Later on in the comments, there is one by Ozh that I whole heartily agree with.

Interesting to see how many different paths lead to the same WP

I have one question for those who have used WordPress for over a year. Is the initial reason you choose to go with WordPress the same reason you continue to use it today or has that reason changed? After you read their responses, feel free to come back and keep the conversation going in the comments.




  1. Network Geek says:

    I use WordPress because it’s the most flexible, robust, extesible, and reliable system available. It’s easy to use and simple to customize, but can still offer challenges if I want to get really fancy. Also, there is a great support community who always, always helps me find the answer to my problemnor question. Oh, and we get all that for FREE! (Though, I believe in the project enough to have actually made a donation, money as well as time helping new users.)

  2. Nicolas (25 comments.) says:

    I started using WordPress because it was simply all (and a lot more) that I needed to get started and was easy to use. Today I continue to use WP for the same reasons. But with the small learning curve involved with WP I would add the simplicity off making WP and adapt it to what I want it to do and look.

  3. Jorge (1 comments.) says:

    i use wordpress because it’s simple, robust yet not bloated. it leaves me feeling empowered that i too can create a powerful web site. period.

  4. Frederick (4 comments.) says:

    I started using wordpress back in the spring of 06′. I had been using Blogger previously. There was simply one reason and one reason only I made the switch, stylish, multifaceted, quality free themes. To bad those days have long gone by.

  5. Claude says:

    I use it cause i know how to make my own themes with it. But it’s getting too big and i really would like to see a light version of it in the future!

  6. Shane (1 comments.) says:

    I started using WordPress because of the Comicpress theme. I wanted to put a page-per-day webcomic on my website, and that one was the first (and best) that I came across.

    Since then, I have started a blog, and have stayed with WordPress. I find it to be immensely powerful, customisable and easy to use.

  7. James (2 comments.) says:

    I have used so many publishing platforms in the past 2 years, but I still think WordPress is the best. I’m glad the developers realized their baby could also be turned into a CMS, not just a blog. I am looking forward to a more CMSey WordPress in the coming future.

  8. Hikari (79 comments.) says:

    Well I chose it because I read about it somewhere and tried it. At first I felt it difficult, I was used to blogspot :P but blogspot was so damn simple and hard at the same time that I tried again.

    I’d definitely not call WordPress easy during the first weeks of my use, but I got used to it and after I tried Drupal I’m sure it’s core structure of hooks and theme is better and I like how it works. Yes it is simple :P

  9. Dana @ Online Knowledge (27 comments.) says:

    My reasons always the same, wordpress easy to use and have great support from large community. And the important thing, it is for free.

  10. manga (24 comments.) says:

    I wanted to start blogging and I checked out some pages that I visited that were blogs and started to lurk into what they used.

    They were using wordpress, so I started checking it out. This was 3 years ago or so. It was by no means a smooth trial, I didn´t understand why the theme I choose, even though it was named the same didn´t look the same.

    Got me into CSS a lot more.

    When I started looking at the “behind the scene” stuff I was amazed, this was so easy to use, to create and publish posts or pages. Everything was easy and smooth. I got a bit addicted to it.

    Now I´ve started to think about creating a own theme. From scratch instead of using other themes and just changing the colors or making small adjustments.

    WordPress is just so easy to use and looks wonderful. So far there is only one setback that I know of. If you want to create a community it is kinda hard since you will most likely end up with something that looks different on each part.

    So I hope that BuddyPress ends up getting finished for WordPress pretty soon.

  11. Deb says:

    Oh my – why I use wordpress – let me count the reasons – well, I can’t because they are too numerous! I started with and of course as a new user became confused between the two but that only lasted seconds. I discovered that way and haven’t looked back. The number 1 reason is ease of use for both myself and my clients.

    I use what I later hope to refer to my clients. I needed a cms of sorts for my clients and it needed to be for people who were technically challenged, focused on their business but needing a web presence. WP ultimately ended up being the answer.

    Going back 3 years ago, I began tweaking wp to work for me as more of a cms than a blog. It’s so logically laid out that it made it easy for me to apply this aspect and overtime this has played out for countless others.

    I tried Joomla, Drupal, silverlight and they were counter intuitive for me let alone clients.

    I’m watching buddypress closely to adapt to a few needs of my own for interacting with clients.

    I look foward to a long and happy future with WP as my #1 tool for my clients and myself.

    Bottom line – WP makes me look good and that helps my business.

  12. Leora Wenger (1 comments.) says:

    I started using WordPress because it was a tool to learn for blogging. I now use it for small business clients because they’ve tried Drupal or Joomla! and insist on a much easier interface. They’ve got work to get done; they need it to be straightforward!

    On larger sites I still find advantages of the other systems, especially with multiple users.

  13. Konstantin (6 comments.) says:

    Two words: WordPress Rocks! There’s nothing else to say ;) And nothing else to ask. It rocks and that’s it. If every website in the world would have been driven by WordPress, the web would have been smarter. Period. :)

    ~ K.

  14. Kiran Kumar (1 comments.) says:

    why I Use WordPress?

    1) Ease of Use
    2) Powerful and easily customisable
    3) Large User Community

    Kiran Kumar

  15. Uwe (4 comments.) says:

    Because it’s like Windows: every problem has a solution and it works as you want if you know how to use it. Easy. :)

  16. Michael Aulia (5 comments.) says:

    I don’t think WordPress is easy to use. Blogger is easy to use but WordPress is so much more powerful, which made me the switch after using Blogger for a couple of months.

    I actually published a Blogger vs WordPress at
    It was a guest post, so no, it isn’t my site and I’m not trying to promote it here. But it gives a “Why you should move from Blogger to WordPress” :D

    WordPress rocks!

  17. Victor Johnson (1 comments.) says:

    I am a wordpress developer. I like wordpress because it is search engine friendly and also enables my customers to update their web site without any technical skills.

    There are many functions(plugins) available to add to wordpress web site. These free plugins save me time and money for my customers :D

    It is a great platform to build powerful web site.

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