Four Great Questions

December 29th, 2009

Alex Denning who is the man behind has published the last of a four-part series which asks notable members within the WordPress community four interesting questions. The questions are as follows.

Why WordPress?
What Would You Change In WordPress?
What Problems Currently Face The WordPress Community?
What Is The Future Of WordPress?

I had the opportunity to participate in this community survey with the question regarding the future of WordPress being my favorite. Here is what I had to say:

WordPress will continue to be used as a platform to do things that go far beyond blogging. As these projects end up in the showcase and acquire press, more people will begin to realize that WordPress is an excellent blogging tool but it’s by far the not only thing it is capable of doing. WordPress will continue to evolve as a framework or a platform that will enable these creative uses of the software. Hopefully one day, when Matt is asked what is WordPress capable of doing, his response will be, anything you can imagine.

You don’t have to concentrate on answering this question in the comments but, I am interested in what your response to that question would be.




  1. Milan Petrovic (31 comments.) says:

    Currently WordPress is the most balanced platform available for CMS/Blog/Website. I have tried many others and none of them didn’t measure to the WordPress. But, there are still many things to improve in the WordPress core: current post/page/taxonomy management is not very good right now, and not practical for larger websites and very limited in manipulating the data, we need better and much more practical interface for that.

    I also don’t like the idea of WP core team meddling in plugin development with their ‘canonical’ plugins, core team focus needs to be on WordPress core.

  2. taloweb (10 comments.) says:

    Yes, I agree, WP is a fantastic platform, simplicity and extensibility are its point of power, but I can see some drawbacks:

    -localization should be integrated (currently I use qTranslate plugin);
    -it should support more different databases (for small sites mySql is a huge choice), I tested pdo for WP but it’s not an ideal plugin;
    -in the end media library is a little weak, it should be tightly coupled with wile on upload dir

    let me know your thoughts about this…

  3. Ian Glendinning (7 comments.) says:

    I very much support taking WP beyond blogging into ever wider content management areas. Whilst effort is put into UI consistency tweaks and linking greater variety of media more ways, in more formats and more languages ….

    …. an important area being overlooked IMHO is new application / UI to allow more sophisticated query & view building for the non-programmer – both on the blog’s own WP data base and on any RDF resource available.
    (Flexible content-driven taxonomy management of posts, pages and page-elements is one of many possible applications.)

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