Best Of WLTC 2009 Part 1

December 30th, 2009

Throughout the course of a year on, there is a ton of information published about WordPress whether it be a link to something cool or a home grown guide covering a specific feature of WordPress. The purpose of this two part series is to look back at the best articles published on the site but it’s also to reflect on the achievements the software has undergone during 2009. While it’s good to keep things moving along into the future, it’s healthy to look at the past every once in awhile to measure progress.

From all of us here at WLTC, we wish you a safe and happy New Year!


Plugin Review: Simple:Press Forum
Great Explanation Of Community
PHPBB And WordPress
Plugin Review: Referrer Detector
Do You Post By Email?
Plugin Review: WP Greet Box
Plugin Review: WP125
Michael Pick Of WordPress.TV
Et Tu Google? Then Fail, Net Safety


Plugin Review: Autoclose
Want To Buy Sandbox?
Updated WP Plugin: Where did they go from here?
Plugin Review: MailPress
Mastering WordPress Shortcodes
FeedBurner is Dead, Long Live Feedburner
Plugin Review: Yawasp
Plugin Authors, Are you making the best of Readme.txt?
Plugin Review: Post Avatar
The manual Excerpt in WordPress. What, why, how, tips and plugins


Plugin Review: Improved Plugin Installation
WordPress Plugin Development Beginner’s Guide
WPLookup – Find Functions and Template Tags Fast
How to Track RSS Subscribers in a Blog Contest
Plugin Review: WP Mollom
IE 8 and WordPress
How to write a good plugin review
New WordPress Plugin: Better Search
Plugin Review: WordPress Filter
Microsoft Web Platform Featured App: WordPress
Top 10 Characteristics of a Great WordPress Plugin
Plugin Review: cSprites for WordPress
Is It Time For Kubrick To Retire?


Plugin Review: Post Templates
An Introduction and a Plugin Review: Admin Links Widget
How to Highlight Search Terms with jQuery
WordPress Download Monitor Review
WordPress Add Twitter RSS Plugin Review
Automattic buys
Announcing WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 (3.0)
The Hidden Gem Of WordPress
9 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog “Smart”
BuddyPress 1.0 Has Arrived!!


Smarter Theme Development
Five Tools to Increase the RSS Subscribers for your WordPress Blog
Plugins to Spruce Up Your WordPress Based Website
I am sick of splogs Copying our Content!
Need Help With That?
Theme Development Checklist
WP PluginsUsed: A Plugin Review
What Are Your Theme Standards?
Five Comment Related Plugins for WordPress
Five Image Related Plugins for your WordPress Site
What can WordPress do for you?
Five Ad Manager Plugins for WordPress


WordPress Plugin Compatibility Checker
Publish Blog Posts In WordPress From Yahoo Mail
Resources To Get You Kick Started With WordPress Plugin And Theme Development
Checklist For New WordPress Installation
Killing The WordPress Bugs and Helping Out With User Problems [WordPress Community]
Should you use a Mobile WordPress Plugin?
Antivirus Plugin For WordPress
Security And Anti-spam Plugins For WordPress
How Has WordPress Changed Your {Blogging} Life?
Does It Matter If I Use 1 Plugin Or 100s Of Them?
Attention All Plugin Authors
Interviews: Matt Mullenweg – WordPress Co-Founder
Benchmarking the WordPress Admin Panel
WordPress Configuration Tricks




  1. Paul Hastings (3 comments.) says:

    A very happy New Year to you all. May 2010 bring more WordPress goodness to the WLTC team!


  2. Amgad (1 comments.) says:

    Congratulations for the success of Weblog Tools Collection and

    Happy New Year!

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