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December 20th, 2008
WordPress Weekly

First off, BuddyPress is looking real good these days. Secondly, I’d like to thank Andy Peatling, head honcho for the BuddyPress project for stopping by and lending us an hour of his time to explain exactly what BuddyPress is and does. On December 15th, 2008 Andy released the first beta version of the project. So what exactly is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is essentially a set of WordPress MU specific plugins. Each plugin component adds a distinct feature to BuddyPress and only handles functionality for that specific component (for example, private messaging). BuddyPress also has a core plugin that all other plugins require, it contains shared functions and performs the basic modifications to the WordPress MU interface.

Tune into the show to hear Andy delve into the feature set of the project as well as taking questions from the audience. By the way, if you don’t have the ability to install WordPress MU and then BuddyPress, you can view and participate in a live demo by registering an account on

Announcements: This was our last show for 2008. Keith and I look forward to creating more great podcasts in 2009 and we both thank each and everyone of you who continue to support the show. Have a happy holiday and a merry new year.

Mark E. Will Be On The Show For January 2nd To Discuss His Comprehensive Security Plugin

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  1. Brad (2 comments.) says:

    Great interview Jeff! I listened to this on my flight to Scotland (and the Matt Mullenweg interview) and loved it! You really are turning in to the voice of WordPress. Keep it up!

  2. Gilbert Cattoire (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for this very interesting interview, Jeff. With your permission, we will link to it from the site, the non-profit French speaking community of BuddyPress enthusiasts. We’re following closely what’s happening around BuddyPress over here. Keep up the great work!

    • Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but you have my permission to go ahead and link to it. Thank you for the support and for listening to the show.

  3. aaron pearson (1 comments.) says:

    This looks absolutely brilliant! I haven’t got into using WPMU yet, but this makes me want to find the time to get into it and figure it out. I use WP for almost all my sites, so hopefully it won’t be too terribly difficult.


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