WordPress MU and BuddyPress Plugin Contest 2009


As in last year, following our own Plugin Competition (results are on the way), is holding their own plugin competition. But this time they are adding BuddyPress plugins into the mix as well. You can visit the WPMU Plugin Competition Homepage for more information.

The rules for the competition remain the same as last year. Competitors need to post as announcement for their plugin(s) by registering at and submitting a post. The plugins must relate to WordPress MU or BuddyPress and be available freely for download. The plugins must also be released under a GPL compatible license. The prize pool is at $1000 and the organizers are looking for more donations to bolster the purse.

So if you are a novice plugin author looking to wade in the WordPress MU pool or a seasoned veteran looking to flex your muscles, head over to the competition and post an entry!

Disclosure: are past and present advertisers on this blog and have donated prizes to our own WordPress Plugin Competition.




  1. Tejaswini (5 comments.) says:

    This is very firs time I have developed a plugin for WordPress and WordPressMU. Thanks for posting this update as I was not knowing about this. I just have added Smooth Slider plugin to wpmudev

  2. Christopher (18 comments.) says:

    There is a big lack of good MPMU plugins. It seems the only that match what I’m looking for are on the premium site which requires $79 just to be able to download for a month.
    I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that.

    What we need for MU & buddypress.
    a system for membership levels with charges/subscriptions to PayPal for those levels for example more file space, access to more themes or plugins and especially the ability to be an admin for a separate blog (they can join and work on the group blog where they’re authors, but they can’t create or post to their own blog with out a current subscription.

    • Matt (27 comments.) says:

      It would be nice if someone entered in the contest plugins that do everything theirs do.

    • James Farmer (6 comments.) says:

      Hi Christopher – that’s pretty much exactly what our Supporter plugin does:

      We’ll have it ready for BuddyPress sometime too (and have it’s feature set expanded) – and we’ve also written up extensively about why we use it on Edublogs.

      I know $79 isn’t cheap – but at the same time we’ve been working on it and constantly improving it for the last year now, supporting hundreds of other people (who seem to be pretty happy, check out our testimonials page) and it’s a heap less than you’d pay a developer to even look at the idea.

      It’s a sustainable and reasonable project – which conforms entirely to WP (100% GPL) and adds to the community and growth of WPMU – I just wish people wouldn’t get so sore about that.

      And, incidentally, we’ve got a contest on (to celebrate our 100th plugin / theme) at the mo where you can win one of 5 annual memberships, just write about which ones you;d like to use (rather than do use) to enter:

      Cheers, James

      • Christopher (18 comments.) says:

        As I said, I can’t afford that. I can’t afford to pay a developer anything. I do PHP myself, but the lack of WordPress and MU and Buddypress documentation make it very unlikely for me to be able to do one of my own.

        • Barry says:

          It just takes time Christopher. The only documentation I ever used is the code (have it open all the time with a global search ready to track down functions).

          You have to follow it through and see what filters and actions are around for you to hook into.


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