WordPress Plugin Releases for 09/21

September 21st, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New plugins


The Members plugin is a user, role, and content management plugin. Its purpose is to make WordPress a more powerful CMS by giving you fine-grain control over the users of your site.

WordPress Dashboard Pages

Adds a dashboard widget listing all of the pages allowing for easy editing, deleting and management of content pages.

WP Email Capture

Creates a 2 field form (Name & Email) for capturing emails. Email is double opt in, and allows you to forward opt in to services such as ebooks or software. When you are ready to begin your email marketing campaign, simply export the list into your chosen email marketing software or service.

GD Taxonomies Tools

GD Taxonomies Tools is a plugin that can be used to expand custom taxonomies support. Plugin adds many tools including custom taxonomies management and widget for taxonomies terms cloud.

Updated plugins

Ajax Edit Comments

Allow your visitors to edit the plugins they leave on your blog. v2.4.0.1 now allows admins to move the comments from one post to another.

Public Post Preview

Have you ever been writing a post with the help of someone who does not have access to your blog and needed to give them the ability to preview it before publishing? This plugin takes care of that by generating a URL with an expiring nonce that can be given out for public preview.

Ajax Plugin Helper

An Ajax Plugin Helper for the WordPress admin plugin page. Adds Ajax activate, deactivate, delete and upgrade functionality.

GD Press Tools

GD Press Tools is a collection of various administration, seo, maintenance and security related tools. This tools can be integrated into the various WordPress admin panels, can perform maintenance operations, change some aspects of WordPress, see detailed server settings and information. Plugin can also track posts and pages views for various popularity lists. Some of the features don’t work with every version of the WordPress. If you have some suggestion about potential features for this plugin, please leave a message.

Feed reading blogroll

The plugin adds a cool new blogroll that is able to display the freshness and the latest post-title of your bookmarks. It enables you to sort the blogroll by the latest update of your bookmarked blogs.

Custom Field Images

A WordPress plugin to display thumbnails in posts, excerpts, feeds etc. with plenty of options and easy management.




  1. Justin Tadlock (51 comments.) says:

    Thanks for featuring my plugin, Members. I hope everyone from the community enjoys it.

  2. Ricky (2 comments.) says:

    Hey, thanx for sharing the list of plugins. GD press tools is the best plugin among all. I would like to give a try to the email capture plugin.

  3. Ian (1 comments.) says:

    After finding this post and the included plug-ins to potentially be very useful to me as a CMS developer who primarily uses WordPress, may I humbly present the ‘ChoiceCuts Image Juggler’.

    For anybody using WordPress as a CMS you may find this to be a useful tool for simplifying and enhancing image presentation within your themes/sites.

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