Here are the simple steps:

  1. Register on the Plugin Competition Blog, wait to be given author permissions (within 24 hours)
  2. Make sure you check all the Plugin Competition Rules and adhere to them in order to be eligible
  3. Introduce your plugin(s) or your plans for writing plugins on the Plugin Competition blog
  4. Once your plugin is ready, publish it on the blog and make it available for download via WordPress Extend
  5. Provide initial support for the plugins through the Competition blog, your own blog or other place of publication and through WordPress Support and Extend.
  6. The last step, but the most important step, is to submit the final code for your plugin to us via email. We do not publish this email or the instructions on what to put in the email till the final few weeks of the competition. Check back with us or on the Plugin Competition blog for that email address about two weeks before the end of the competition.

Alternatively you could do the following if you need new ideas for Plugin development towards the competition. You could: