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ThemeSorter, a new WordPress premium theme directory, launched recently with an impressive catalogue and is on track to take the premium theme directory industry by storm.

Unlike recent premium theme directories, ThemeSorter’s layout is very basic and straight-forward, but what it lacks in a flashy interface it makes up for with data and organization. With access to several sellers and a huge catalogue, ThemeSorter’s themes are organized via formats, niches, colors, and styles.

What do you think of ThemeSorter’s contribution to the world of premium theme directories?




  1. Ascentive (1 comments.) says:

    Great find! I’ve been sifting through themes for a little over a week now trying to find something to update my current blog with. This site is awesome. It has a ton of themes and great navigation. Being able to search by color, Niche, and style is pretty awesome. I think I my wait until more people use it though. As it’s a new site there aren’t a lot of votes cast on the popularity of the various themes. I still like the interface a lot though.

  2. Oliver says:

    My comment may be out of purpose, because I’m not going to be a customer for a premium theme seller, since I do NOT like the typical premium presentation, with, in the inedx page, small compact rectangles of text having a small thumbnail in the upper-left part.
    Personally, I love blogs the old fashioned way, but, hey, to each his own, right ?

    Enough babbling. It was difficult to find where there was an option to sort blogs by the number of sidebars, and there was another option missing : lightweight VS heavyweight powerhouse as powerful and safe as Fukushima Reactor #3.
    (Yes, I’ve had, in the past, server problems because of themes generating crazy consumption of resources, I’m now rooting for lightweight themes not overflowing with options, switches and the like).

    Since it’s premium themes, I can safely infer there will be no lightweight themes in all this, allowing me to discard this themes website as well as the rest of the frey.

    Maybe theme-dedicated websites would be able to seduce another profile of customers if they offered to pick lightweight themes, I write this remark in case someone from the biz reads it ;)

  3. Jim E says:

    While I am not great fan of Envato, marketplaces like themesorter really can’t hold a candle to Themeforest, which has more then 6x the number of themes, and high quality premium wp, joomla, drupal, magento and more that blow almost everything out of the water that you find at themesorter.

    Themesorter effectively acts as an agent for the many of the more commercial type developers but if you want the most cutting edge stuff from the top individual designers worldwide with much more features and ingenuity, you have to go over to Themeforest, and get a fully loaded multi-purpose theme like Striking (I chose that as the example as it is the best seller of the last 6 months), which can do everything that all the themes indexed at themesorter can do, in one theme.

    These marketplaces which conglomerate themes from various commercial sources are becoming a dime a dozen. They are like using any other search engine, buyer beware as there is less then meets the eye.

    • Steven Gliebe (1 comments.) says:

      Our plan for ThemeSorter is to add all theme sellers, including marketplaces such as ThemeForest. That way you will be able to search individual designers and theme shops together. We already have MOJO Themes indexed and will eventually index other marketplaces such as Theme Garden as well.

      The marketplaces are great because like you say you get a lot of great stuff from individual designers.

      We will be sticking only to WordPress themes with ThemeSorter (at least for the foreseeable future).

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