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ThemeSorter: The Latest Premium Theme Directory


ThemeSorter, a new WordPress premium theme directory, launched recently with an impressive catalogue and is on track to take the premium theme directory industry by storm. Unlike recent premium theme directories, ThemeSorter’s layout is very basic and straight-forward, but what it lacks in a flashy interface it makes up for with data and organization. With access to several sellers and a huge catalogue, ThemeSorter’s themes are organized via formats, niches, colors, and styles. What do you think of ThemeSorter’s contribution to the world of premium theme directories?

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February 5th, 2011
WordPress, WordPress News has just launched their premium theme store, bringing premium theme developers and the first two of hopefully many premium themes to over 17 million blogs. Previously, users were limited to just over a hundred free themes with no ability to upload their own, thus cutting them off from the premium theme market. Now, premium theme developers have a chance to cash in on “the other WordPress” users. is starting their premium theme offerings with Headlines for $45 (available to self-hosted WordPress users for $70 with two “bonus” themes) and Shelf for $68 (also¬†available to self-hosted WordPress users for $68). plans to increase their free and premium theme offerings “in a big way” this year, so this is definitely shaping up to be a game-changer in the premium theme market. (Disclosure: I also work at¬†Automattic.)

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iThemes is now GPL


Cory Miller’s iThemes is now completely GPL compliant! This is great news indeed and they are the second premium theme vendor who fully support the GPL and align their business models with that of WordPress and its community. Cory is a friend of mine and in full disclosure, has been an advertiser on this blog in the past. We have had various discussions about this topic and I am very happy that they have made the switch. Everyone will be better off for it. This change means that all themes purchased from iThemes can be installed on multiple blogs without restriction but they will continue to be supported as before. iThemes will continue to sell their themes and packages and provide the support for their themes but their themes will now be licensed under the GPL. This will mean more freedom for developers working with iThemes products (and thus more […]

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