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DirectoryPress is a fully featured directory theme for WordPress, it allows you to turn your standard WordPress blog into a powerful online link directory.

Not only does DirectoryPress come with great directory plugin features but also it comes with a range of changeable themes and designs, you can easily switch between any of the designs available with a click of the button!



Turn a standard WordPress blog into a powerful, feature rich coupon code website easily with CouponPress Theme.



3 column widget ready fluid width theme

White Magazine


The White Magazine Premium Theme comes with seven Widget positions and an Ad position in the header. The Theme is fully optimized for Adsense and very flexible. Page in German




  1. Lars Tong Strömberg (14 comments.) says:

    DirectoryPress, CouponPress, ClassifiedsTheme, etc. are indeed pretty interesting theme developments taking WordPress into whole new different areas. Remarkable how flexible WP can be.

  2. Mystech (2 comments.) says:

    I tried to get the first two themes (DirectoryPress and CouponPress) but all I got was some annoying audio and what sounded like a sign up for a newsletter.

  3. gmac says:

    I tried directory press on an existing “test” blog and it completely wiped out all my posts, categories, and links and replaced them with its own – without warning me first.

    I’ll take a pass on anything this person creates from now on.

  4. Matt says:

    I tried the couponpress theme on a test blog, and it too overwrote ALL content. To get the theme, you had to submit your email to a mailing list, and then they jack your content. I would seriously avoid these individuals.

  5. Mystech (2 comments.) says:

    Wow, after hearing about what Matt and Gmac went through, I’m kind of grateful all I got was added to a spam list. How about some Quality Control on theme recommendations in the future, Perurry? Might be a good idea to remove these recommendations or at the very least add a CLEAR warning to the existing post.

    I’ve always trusted and followed the recommendation on Weblog Tool Collections, I’d had to have a reason to lose that trust and following.

    • Ajay (209 comments.) says:

      The post links have been removed.

      We try our best to scan through all the content, but unfortunately, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to test every single theme and plugin that is released.

      Glad to know that you have so much faith in what we write. It definitely helps us do better :)

      • Patrick says:

        The directory press theme is also a paid theme and not a free theme. I thought weblogs only listen free themes and plugins and I am surprised to see a paid theme also been promoted here. Thanks for removing the links but I dont understand how a paid theme made into weblogtools. Anyways thanks for giving the updates in this website on a regular basis.

        • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

          Patrick, we truly appreciate the feedback and thank you for your kind words.

          But as Ajay suggested, we try hard to make sure to adhere to our own standards. In spite of that, some unwanted stuff slips through. We will remove any such offending themes as soon as we find out about them. Thank you for your patience and for reporting any such suspicious themes and plugins.

  6. Mark Fail (3 comments.) says:

    Hi All,

    Couponpress will only overwrite your existing entries if you use the reset button which clearly displays that it will overwrite your entires thus why its called a ‘reset button’.

    The links i provided on the main post were to the free download without having to join the mailing list and i dont spam anyone on my mailing list, i spend alot of time and money to ensure everyone who joins has a great service.

    My themes are used by thousands of people and i work very hard to offer excellent support to everyone, i find it very upsetting to see my hard work trashed here because a few people didnt read things clearly.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Fail

  7. Marcus says:

    It works fine unless you hit the Self Destruct button? Who puts a self-destruct button in their theme? It’s like a bad evil villain’s lair or secret weapon.

    And I’m sure EVERYONE who runs a mass mailing list or newsletter thinks their marketing is a “great service”.

    In closing… great name, Mark. Very apt. :-)

  8. Mark Fail (3 comments.) says:

    its a ‘reset’ button, not a ‘self destruct’ button since we are all human and make mistakes, if you want you can reset it with all the default configuration helping you restore all the templates and layout options.

    Its a popular feature and i get alot of good feedback from it.

    A a newsletter is just that, it informs you about updates to the themes, surly if you were actually interested in a theme you would like to know when its updated with new featured?

    Why comment if your not actually going to contribute anything..

    • gmac says:

      First of all, I don’t recall a “reset” button. I uploaded the theme and activated it, and everything on the blog was magically gone. No reset, just activate.

      I could be mistaken, but if I clicked anything, what actually happened was the exact opposite of what I expected to happen. All links, all posts, all categories not only wiped, but replaced. Luckily, there was nothing important on that blog.

      Now, there’s nothing on it at all.

      Secondly, why would a “reset” involve wiping out everything and replacing it with your items? I can’t possibly see how anyone would be happy having to rebuild their links and categories if they happened to want to start over.

  9. Mark Fail (3 comments.) says:


    The reset button is very popular, the amount of people who play around with settings, options, adding and deleting content and then email me saying..iv broke do i reset it?? … you wouldn’t believed.

    I don’t waste my time adding featured if its not important or requested by alot of people, iv got far better things todo with my time.


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