WordPress Theme Releases for 03/31


RockinLetterhead is a two-column, clean blue, green, orange and white theme designed for blog content and sharp simplicity.

Brajeshward WP Theme is a three column, fixed width theme which highlights the excerpt of the latest article on the homepage.

Soccer is a widget ready two column, dark theme based on the game.

Sleek 2C is a smooth and sleek, neat and clean, black and white, 2-column widget ready WordPress template with a professional look.

Coffee Chick is a two column, widget ready in a 1950’s style with a plaid background.

Angel is a widget ready, two column theme with a brown and cream color scheme and the picture of a little girl in the header.

AqueousWP is a three column, fluid, widget ready theme with support for Gravatar2.

Sunflower Gold is a three column, fixed width, widget ready theme with a sunflower header.

BlueBreak is a single column, fixed width, widget ready, black and blue theme.

WordPress Blue is a small and simple two column, blue theme.

Simple Blue is a blue, three column, fixed width, widget ready theme.




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