WordPress Theme Releases for 04/13


Panda is a two column, green and white, fixed width theme.

Rosey is a classy retro theme consisting of neutral background colors. It features blue lines and patterns, red roses and a sweet gal from a past era.

YGomahi & Ygo Lonely are two widget ready, three column themes.

Sunburn is a two column fixed width black and orange theme

Green Quarter is a two column, widget ready with jQuery support and support for Simple Tagging plugin.

Adii is a two column, blue, widget ready theme with plugin support.

Celtic Bach is two columns, Blue, Fixed width, Right sidebar theme.

Salmon is a two column, pink and blue color theme

Clean Copy is a simple, two-column, crisp, blue and white theme designed for blog content with the professional in mind, and the sharp simplicity. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Brawl is a two column, brown, fixed width, widget ready theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)




  1. Alan Kellogg (9 comments.) says:

    The YGosearch site is badly laid out, and it’s an SEO blog. Don’t give me much confidence in the themes. The fact they don’t have true demo pages for the themes helps to cement my impression.

  2. Thomas (14 comments.) says:

    @Alan: What does a true demo page look like? I mean Lorem Ipsum is still better than nothing at all.

  3. Alan Kellogg (9 comments.) says:


    Click on ‘demo page’ for either theme and you get sent to the thumbnail.

  4. Alan Kellogg (9 comments.) says:


    This is why I have no confidence in their themes.

  5. Andiz (4 comments.) says:

    @ Alan

    Because it’s Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional ?

  6. Alan Kellogg (9 comments.) says:


    Not according to W3C. Click the link and look at all the errors on the page in question. I don’t care if they say their themes are valid XHTML of any sort, the pages on their site aren’t. If they’re that poor at doing markup for their own site, I’m not about to take their word on their themes.


  1. […] Brawl es un tema con enlaces de publicidad con 2 columnas, color marrón, ancho fijos y con soporte para widget. (Contiene algunos enlaces patrocinados). vía: WTC […]

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