Mark Jaquith on WordPress Theme and Plugin Security

March 1st, 2011
WordPress, WordPress Security

If you hate to read about security, then this great presentation by WordPress Core Developer Mark Jaquith on WordPress Theme and Plugin Security from WordCamp Phoenix 2011 is just for you!

The presentation is great to watch and quite educational for both WordPress users and developers.




  1. DoktorThomas says:

    Reading is (extremely) more efficient. And more portable/flexible.
    Whereas easily rewinding and replying an unclear statement/concept is next to impossible with video and it is time inefficient. Portability is more limited. Flexibility approaches zero.
    For example, books last millennia; winME (Millions of Errors), a technology approach, a few months. The last is like embedded video files. The former like text articles.
    Text is it; video is an also ran not even in the middle of the training pack.
    Save time, always add the transcript. Let the neophytes be amused by the moving pixels. Let the true technicians read it and an employ it.
    Or, don’t bother at all. Hark, WordPressians.

  2. paul says:

    wordpress tv is a great resource, but I never get to watch the entire video – not any of them – because it’s so slow, to the point that it’s useless to me.

    I’m in Asia, maybe that’s why – but I can watch youtube and vimeo with no problem.

    So I hope that would have a transcript ( not the complete one – but enough to illustrate the main point covered in each vdo )

  3. Rick (1 comments.) says:

    I’m with DoktorThomas on this one.

    A few WordPress.TV topics have been interesting enough for me to view…but they turned out to be in a language I didn’t understand. Most are interesting, but not interesting enough for me to watch a video about. I’d pursue many of them if I could simply read them. As it stands, I’ve watched two, ever.

    A transcript would be ideal. Otherwise, a way to remove the video-only topics from the feed would be second-best.

  4. gerrica101 says:

    I really have to agree with the previous posters. These WP TV videos leave a lot to be desired. The speakers are dull and sometimes inaudible, and the presentations are overly long. I usually stop viewing after about 10 minutes. Transcripts or summaries would be much, much better. Or hire presenters who know how to engage the audience.

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