WordPress Theme Releases for 3/02


Keep Calm And Drink Tea is a grunge type theme with a retro based feel.

Minimo is a next generation WordPress 3.1 theme that comes jam-packed with all the awesome new wp features. Plus, it has a clean and minimal design perfect for all sorts of blogs.

Pongsari is a simple and clean WP Theme, modified from TwentyTen.

Simple Blog is a theme for those that want a super clean and simple blogging solution while still keeping some premium-like features.

zeeMagazine is a clean two column theme in magazine style with great features: Costum Logo, Colorpicker, Content Slider, Shortcodes, Dropdown Navigation and more.




  1. Jon Donley says:

    The first link (Keep Calm and Drink Tea) is a 404

  2. Tom Coburn (67 comments.) says:

    if someone is wanting to put together a WP theme they think might be popular, smells like facebook is looking for a new developer to take over his project, since he no longer develops it. If I knew enough about coding I would do it, but I don’t. I would like to see a facebook clone for wordpress that has support for facebook connect and facebook comments plugins. I think such a theme would be very popular. I would pay money for such a facebook clone theme, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.. just an idea

    • vancouver web design (2 comments.) says:

      Well highly doubt that such a WP theme would actually have any sense. Facebook theme or template itself is a functionality oriented for the purpose of social networking, emulating that on WP platform would be pointless without replicating functionality of various widgets, and doing that would mean replicating Facebook itself on the WP platform which is IMHO impossible.

      • vancouver web design (2 comments.) says:

        Sorry I made typo. It should read; Well, I highly doubt ….

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