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February 27th, 2011
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So, you’ve just installed WordPress, but you’re not happy about the /wordpress/ that it adds at the end of your domain, or you’d just like to move it elsewhere. Fortunately, the process is rather easy.

Go to the Settings section of your Dashboard and change the two URLs there to the location that you want to move WordPress to. Don’t panic, this will effectively kill your blog until you move all of the WordPress files to their new location.

You may need to re-generate your permalinks at Settings/Permalinks in your Dashboard.

Once that’s done, see our handy guide for changing links and images after a move.

Moving a WordPress installation is not too much of a complicated procedure, but feel free to contact the WordPress Support Forums if you run into trouble.




  1. Hårförlängning (1 comments.) says:

    I had some troubles moving wordpress from my old host, (i used version 3.1) have you had any troubles with it? I never had any troubles with the old versions.

  2. deuts (7 comments.) says:

    You forgot to mention what if you already moved your files before the changing of urls in the general options. For me it took some digging through phpmyadmin before it was successfully carried out.

    • James Huff (184 comments.) says:

      It was left out intentionally, as I’m sure that most folks following this guide won’t skip the first step, otherwise they really wouldn’t be following the guide.

      Anyway, if you skip the crucial first step, you can change your URL by either moving the files back and starting over or by following one of the methods listed at

  3. Tom Coburn (67 comments.) says:

    One of the undocumented features I’d like to learn more about is the wordpress update feature built into the wp administrative panel. My old hosting provider didn’t support that feature so I had to do it manually by FTPing all the files up every time, and since they wouldn’t allow SSH access to the server, it was a pain to get wordpress upgraded every time. I switched web hosting providers and that problem completely disappeared, but I’ve still yet to figure out WHY. I mean, does the upgrade feature require specific PHP modules or other installed modules in order to function? and if so, which ones? because I never saw that documented anywhere until I ran into that problem

    • Tom Coburn (67 comments.) says:

      both hosts were cpanel 11 hosts, running the exact same centOS operating system. that blew my mind why the update feature worked on one server while not on another. The reason I’m asking is if I decide to change servers again, or better yet get a VPS which I’ve been thinking about doing, what rpm modules do I need? the docs don’t tell us more about this feature, and it should, least they should tell us what the code looks for and all that. basically my old host wouldn’t support FTP at all, or would prompt me for the FTP userid and password all the time, but this host never prompts me, so I’m thinking, whats the difference?

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