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October 6th, 2010
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The team has now made it even easier to leave your blog for a self-hosted WordPress blog.

The new offsite redirect upgrade allows you to easily redirect your blog and all of its permalinks to your new domain.

The previous redirection method was a five-step process that had a tendency to cause some confusion during implementation. Now, all you need to do is export your blog, purchase the offsite redirect upgrade for $12/year (the same price as the previous redirection method), and enter your new domain name.

Matt Mullenweg, Automattic’s one and only Chief BBQ Taste Tester, highlighted the importance of the new offsite redirection upgrade, stating “the easier you make it for people to go, the more likely they are to stay.” The psychology certainly makes sense to me. I’d be less tempted to make a panic-influenced exit if I knew it was easy to leave at any time.

Are you more comfortable staying with now that it’s even easier to leave?




  1. Exoteric Systems (1 comments.) says:

    You are correct on that one. I think when people feel closterphobic they are apt to make a snap decision and just leave, or stop posting. defenitely a good desision by

  2. Hikari (26 comments.) says:

    Freedom is always a good choice.

  3. WpHey (21 comments.) says:

    Good move, You offer a way out, people will get in.

  4. Abhik (2 comments.) says:

    Good to see the addition, but it should have been a free service like blogger blogs.

    No one should even start a blog as they have so much of limitations.

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