WordPress Plugin Releases for 10/07

October 7th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

New plugins

EZWebPlayer Video Plugin allows you to post your videos, report on views, track which videos have been posted and where, and has a simple toolbar plugin that allows you to add videos quickly.

Hikari Featured Comments is a simple plugin that adds 3 new custom fields to comments, allowing you to add special properties to each of them.

Post Gallery Widget is a rotating gallery widget using a custom post type for gallery content.

swfObject Reloaded allows easy embedding of swf files and better media management for swf files, allowing swf files to have a height, width, and their own minimum flash version.

Updated plugins

Disqus Comment System replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by Disqus.

eShop is an accessible shopping cart plugin.

Membership allows you to transform your WordPress site into a fully functional membership site. (Disclaimer: Incsub is a sponsor of Weblog Tools Collection.)

Register Plus Redux enhances the user registration process with complete customization and additional administration options.

Ultimate Taxonomy Manager is an easy to use taxonomy manager to customize taxonomies and custom fields with a great user interface.




  1. Drew Brown (12 comments.) says:

    I find the post gallery widget adds tons of rich content that search engine spiders love to chew on!

  2. Abhik (2 comments.) says:

    I like the Register Plus Redux and using it in one of my membership blogs.

    The version I am using is 3.6.13 which is the latest at the time of this comment.

  3. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    oh just what we need another toolbar! If I installed every toolbar that existed to make my surfing life easier, I could easily fill up a 2024×1024 display 5 times over!! 2 columns! lol

    do we really need another toolbar folks? hehe

  4. Wade Cockfield (1 comments.) says:

    I like to spice up my blog with videos and images and the EZWebplayer is definitely on top of my priorities to check out soon.

  5. Erica (1 comments.) says:

    I am trying out post gallery widget

  6. ana says:

    I have a question, can I change the images of the wordpress template? thanks

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