Theme Customization Basics


The weekend is just around the corner, so it may be time for yet another fun project on your WordPress blog. Are you one of the millions of bloggers using the default theme with absolutely no customizations? Are you interested in perhaps modifying it just a little to stand out from the crowd? At this year’s WordCamp San Francisco, Jane Wells gave a great presentation with an outstanding Q & A to highlight some of the basics of theme customization. If this doesn’t inspire you to change at least one element in your theme, you must really love your current theme.

[wpvideo zP6EXHQe]




  1. Chris Fellows (1 comments.) says:

    I recently added a theme to my blog. It was tricky 1) finding the right one, 2) finding one compatible with the latest wordpress, then 3) figuring out how to configure it. Once i found the README file, that helped a lot. Then it was just messing around.

  2. GADEL (4 comments.) says:

    We are all unique and it’s flows logically to have unique blog thhemes as well to stand out boldly among the many blogs in the blogosphere.

  3. josh (1 comments.) says:

    No mater how good a theme is, it can never be perfect to ones blog unless it is custom made. Customizing at least one element of it is inevitable.

  4. Carol (1 comments.) says:

    I design and build product websites. I do a lot of customizing, using a standard template. Colors are SO important, along with using lots of images and including links to videos.

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