WordPress Theme Releases for 06/13


Good morning everyone. Hope you are having a great weekend. For your Sunday morning reading pleasure we bring you the latest installment of WordPress Theme Releases. Enjoy!

Tumblelog Reloaded

Tumblelog Reloaded is the 4th theme from UK-based Polaraul Themes that we’ve featured here at WLTC. This theme is a rework of the Tumblelog theme by Safirul Alredha. Some of its features include:

  • custom page to post photo, quote, link, chat and video
  • automatically format each post based on post type
  • automatically resize large images/photos
  • microformats hAtom and xFolk friendly

It also comes with a theme uninstaller.

The Daily Edition

The Daily Edition from Theme Sheep is a magazine-style theme that comes shipped with a whopping 7 different colour schemes to choose from. It has built-in pagination and breadcrumb navigation as well as “related posts” and features some cool animated social bookmarking icons. From the theme’s options page you can do all sorts of things such as:

  • Include links to your RSS feed, Feedburner feed, Facebook page and Twitter page
  • Include some custom CSS
  • Include some custom footer content
  • Select your colour scheme
  • Select how many large posts to display on your front page. You can also decide how to display those posts – either full content or excerpts. If you choose excerpts you can even decide what length of excerpt you want.
  • Select how many small posts to display on your front page. As is the case with the large posts, you can decide if you want to show full content or excerpts including the desired length of excerpts.

These are just a few features. There are many more.


Intention is a sharp-looking 2 column theme with a widgetized right sidebar and sports a horizontal navigation drop down menu for displaying pages.

Minimal Xpert

Don’t let the name or appearance of this theme fool you. It may have a minimalistic look but contains oodles of goodies under the hood. From the theme’s slick options page, some of the things you can do are:

  • Include a custom favicon
  • Enable/disable thumbnails on both the home page and individual post pages
  • Enable/disable the home page slider
  • Exclude pages/categories from the horizontal nav menus
  • Enable/disable the “related posts” feature
  • Activate/deactivate the sidebar advertisement block

You can even elect to activate/deactivate the “extended footer” feature. When activated, your site will display a 4 column footer containing an “about me” section, a list of recent posts, a blogroll and your Twitter stream.

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of WordPress Theme Releases. As always, you’re welcome to share your thoughts with us. We value your feedback.




  1. Sid (3 comments.) says:

    Intention reminds me of some famous free theme i think its a modification of that one

    • Len Kutchma says:

      I don’t believe I’ve seen it before. If you can think of it, by all means let us know.

  2. AJ (9 comments.) says:

    Thanks for including Minimal Xpert. I will be releasing an update soon including a few styles to choose from and some other neat features. :)

    • Len Kutchma says:

      You’re most welcome AJ. I had a lot of fun putting the theme through its paces. I’m sure many people will enjoy using it. :)

  3. Andrew@BloggingGuide (90 comments.) says:

    Minimal Xpert is way too cool! I personally like it’s feature where one can include a custom favicon.

    • AJ (9 comments.) says:

      I am glad you like it. Feel free to come visit the theme page and leave me suggestions for the next update :)

  4. Ken (1 comments.) says:

    I have to admit that I really think the Intention is the best of all. I like the rollover effects in the menu but I must say that the color choices may not be the the best fit for every subject matter. I see it more as personal blog but not something that I would necessarily use for our real estate or business blogs

  5. Olumide Adeleye (1 comments.) says:

    I love the second one- the daily edition. Great theme.

  6. Amstrad drx895 reviews (1 comments.) says:

    Great looking site, and I agree with Andrew.

  7. Keith (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks for posting this! Found The Daily Edition and it’s a great theme. Very clean, smooth and easy. Too bad I’m outside of my refund period for Thesis.

  8. Rita (1 comments.) says:

    @Keith, we have used Thesis for our Insurance site and honestly didn’t like it very much. So we got the theme Custom made and it’s coming online very soon. I really like Minimal Xpert alot.


    • AJ (9 comments.) says:

      Hey I am glad you like my theme :) It is still in its first stages of development. I am planning to ad lots more in the future. If there is anything you think would be cool to add in the next update please let me know at my site. thanks!

  9. Cosmin (1 comments.) says:

    Intention theme is very nice. Simple, but elegant.

  10. Mustamar Natsir (1 comments.) says:

    How to make our theme is being featured here? I have just released my first free theme in my website. This theme is totally free for download!


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