WordPress Plugin Releases for 12/22

December 22nd, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins


insert one of over 1200 categorized RSS feeds, using the (latest) post date on the page to keep the rss headlined contextually relevant to the blog post

Q2W3 Inc Manager

This plugin was made to easily add html, css, javascript and PHP code to public WordPress pages.

Q2W3 Thickbox

This plugin enables thickbox pop-up window on thumbnail images. As soon as plugin is installed, all your thumbnail images will be opened in popup window.

Updated Plugins


A set of useful classes for WordPress plugin developers.

AVH Amazon

The AVH Amazon plugin gives you the ability to add multiple widgets which will display one or more random item(s) from your Amazon wishlist, baby registry and/or wedding registry. It also has the ability to show an item with its link, in posts and pages by use of shortcode.

WP-Table Reloaded

WP-Table Reloaded enables you to create and manage tables in your WP’s admin area. No HTML knowledge is needed. A comfortable backend allows to easily edit table data.

Twitter Fans

Twitter Fans plugin will add a widget in WordPress that you can drag and drop into your sidebar and set your username to get it work. No password required.

All in One Webmaster

This plugin allows you to easily integrate Google Webmaster Tool, Yahoo SiteExplorer and Bing Webmaster Central

WP Archive-Sitemap Generator

WP Archive-Sitemap Generator plugin generates simple Archives/Sitemap based on your blogs posts and pages. This is not another XML sitemap plugin, but rather a nice post sitemap or page sitemap generator. Now user can show total comments count after posts.

Twitter Goodies

This plugin shows your twitter profile/search tweets under Sidebar Area (Widget), Post and/or Pages. Tweets will REFRESH AUTOMATICALLY. Also it has reply option inside widget on mouse over action. Admin panel option available under Settings -> Twitter Goodies to set different color combination and twitter widget options.

Merge Tags

Adds the ability to combine two or more tags (or categories) into one.




  1. Web Design by St. Louis (1 comments.) says:

    Great rundown. Can’t wait until next week .. I’m checking out the scb one now…

  2. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    is there a plugin that lets you add
    html, php, css, or javascript
    to a sidebar widget?

    Since I switched from sidebar.php to the widget system,
    thats one thing I miss, is being able to put code into
    one of my widget items.

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