WordPress Plugin Releases for 08/21

August 21st, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Archives by Selected Categories

This WordPress plugin allows you to generate a list of posts separated by category. You can choose to display all categories, or just those you select. Under each category heading, the posts are sorted by date, with the most recent first. Additionally, the date for each post is shown next to the link.

WordPress Theme Changer & Showcase Plugin

Plugin with a widget which enables us to change the theme of a blog without having to login to the administrator’s room first. This is just like allowing visitors to change the theme of the blog.

Gorsel Koru

If a site uses an image hosted on your site, a message you define, appears on it, i.e. prevents hotlinking of images. (Site in Turkish)

PhotoJAR: Post Thumbnail

PhotoJAR: Post Thumbnail displays a post thumbnail for posts with galleries. When paired with a JavaScript viewer, the full gallery can be displayed when the thumbnail is clicked. PhotoJAR: Post Thumbnail requires PhotoJAR: Base.

AVH Amazon

AVH Amazon plugin give you the ability to add multiple widgets which will display a random item from your Amazon wishlist, baby registry and/or wedding registry. In the plugin reference is made to Wishlist only but you can use your Baby Registry ID or Wedding Registry ID as well.

Liz Strauss Comment Counter

Liz Strauss Comment Counter is a highly configurable badge (very similar to the Feedburner one, except it’s more configurable) to show off the number of comments your blog has.

Most Popular Posts

This is a very simple widget that displays a link to the top commented posts on your blog.




  1. Wes G (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the link to my plugin!

  2. BGR (2 comments.) says:

    gosel kuru sounds nice but it’s not really helpful to publish news about something without any english documentation especially when one sees .htaccess in the fourth step.

  3. Yoyon Sugiono (1 comments.) says:

    Thank for linking to my “WordPress Theme Changer & Showcase Plugin”.

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