WordPress Plugin Releases for 2/14

February 14th, 2007
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Ultimate Category Excluder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily exclude categories from your front page, archives, and feeds. Just select which categories you want to be excluded, and UCE does all the work for you!

TechTags is a simple Technorati tags plugin for WordPress. Add a single line to a post or page to display Technorati tags.

Multi Column Link List generates an alphabetical listing of your WordPress links in multiple columns. You can choose the number of columns to display, with an option to split up the list of links by letter.

“Deep Thoughts” Random Quote Widget is the widgetized version of Random Quote.

Cimy Page Navigator generates page lists which can be styled with CSS to create navigation menus.




  1. HandySolo (2 comments.) says:

    Anyone have thoughts on how the Ultimate Category Excluder compares to ye olde’ Category Visibility plugin?

  2. Ehsan (1 comments.) says:

    I need a plugin for WP 2.1 that make post editor work better.
    2.0x post editors was better and this new one is not simple and easy.
    please help me !

  3. HandySolo (2 comments.) says:

    Ehsan – WordPress support forums are located at There’s a search field there!

    At a guess, you want to visit Users -> Your Profile and check the top box.

  4. valerie (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the link – though one little correction: my Deep Thoughts is not random but a once-daily thing. It only changes at the server’s midnight. One of these days I plan on making a random version, though! :-)

  5. Jauhari (3 comments.) says:

    I love category exucluder ;)


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