WordPress Plugin Releases for 08/20

August 20th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

WP Less

LESS adds variables, mixins, inheritance and a lot of usefull functions to speed up, organize and improve CSS productivity. It detects all LESS stylesheets and compile them on the fly, considering cache and last modified time of the *.less files.


It can show Picasa and Flickr galleries with the help of PictoBrowser in WordPress.

Merge Tags

A simple plugin that lets you combine tags (and other post terms).


The plugin allows your users to ask / answer questions on your site.

Updated Plugins

GD Press Tools

GD Press Tools is a collection of various administration, seo, maintenance and security related tools. This tools can be integrated into the various WordPress admin panels, can perform maintenance operations, change some aspects of WordPress, see detailed server settings and information

AVH Amazon

The AVH Amazon plugin gives you the ability to add multiple widgets which will display one or more random item(s) from your Amazon wishlist, baby registry and/or wedding registry. It also has the ability to show an item with its link, in posts and pages by use of shortcode. In the plugin reference is made to Wishlist only but you can use your Baby Registry ID or Wedding Registry ID as well.

AVH First Defense Against Spam

The AVH First Defense Against Spam plugin gives you the ability to block spammers before any content is served. Spammers are identified by checking if the visitors IP exists in a database served by, the Project Honey Pot or a local blacklist.

Video Sidebar Widget

A Video Widget written in latest Widgets API. It enables the user to embed FlashVideo from various video sharing networks into the widgetised sidebar of a WordPress powered blog.

Geo Mark

Geo Mark is a WordPress Plugin which will automatically locate Geo information in your WordPress posts using Yahoo Placemaker and YQL API’s which can be exposed through template functions or as Geo RSS. v0.5 removed hard coded Plugin path and fixed a couple of bugs.

Last Modified Footer

The Last Modified Footer plugin generates a message stating the date / time the content being viewed was last modified. This information can be placed in the site footer, or elsewhere on the page.




  1. Hichem Touihri (1 comments.) says:


    About the “merge tags” new plugin .. Is it an automated (random) merge, if so, is it relying on a dictionary or a reference ?


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