WordPress Theme Releases for 08/22


Empty Canvas


Empty Canvas is a two column, minimalist widget ready theme



Two column, widget ready, red, white and grey theme

Simple Magazine


A simple and lightweight magazine styled theme. Two column, fixed width with support for widgets and nested comments.

Scuola Mondo’s SEO WordPress Theme


A minimalist, one-column, fluent and widgetized SEO WordPress theme with sidebar at the bottom of the page. The colours can be modified and an Avatar functionality is already built-in template.



Two column WordPress theme designed for high speed loading with four widgetized sections available in eight color schemes.

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  1. Navjot Singh (12 comments.) says:

    One thing about Empty Canvas Link – the link you mentioned is not the author of the theme. Actual link to author’s template release post:

    Seems the link you posted was given by the user in hope of some free traffic as this theme was released way back in April, 2009.

    Please correct the link.

  2. Johnny (1 comments.) says:

    Love the Swift theme! Thanks for the post!

  3. chrys (2 comments.) says:

    There is a lot “magic” in the themes presented in this posting. There’s a professional feeling in EACH of these themes, which isn’t always the case in other themes kindly “grouped together” for the entertainment, education and utility we all seek as we arrive to “peek.” The offering of “fluid” AND clean means a lot to me in “Scuola.” I found “old friends” via the “Simple Magazine” “holding area” :) Thanks for “Being There!”

  4. Satish Gandham (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks Johnny
    Here are some sites powered by SWIFT
    GeniusHackers.Com uses swift as it is without any modifications in template. It’s entirley customized from theme options page. Thats the ease and flexibility in SWIFT :D

  5. Satish Gandham (2 comments.) says:

    Added threaded comemnts support in SWIFT v2.0.2

  6. robb (5 comments.) says:

    empty canvas is awesomely simple !!

  7. Misao (6 comments.) says:

    Thx, i like Swift Theme. It’s beautiful.

  8. Satish Gandham (2 comments.) says:

    SWIFT v2.0.4 is out


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  4. […] I stumbled upon two really sleek, fresh and free WordPress themes today, Empty Canvas and Swift, as I was browsing the Weblog Tools Collection. […]

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