WordPress Theme Releases for 05/24


Victoria is a magazine-style WordPress theme with a classic feel, based on the DP Shiny Theme by Frazier Media. Posts are separated into two main columns with blog entries on the left and feature articles in the main top window and right-hand column.

Copyblogger is a two column, fixed width, widget ready theme, SEO optimized theme based on the original design

Kolorful is a three column, fixed width theme, with print stylesheet and options page.

YUI-Mainstream 750 is a two column, 750px wide version of YUI-Mainstream with widgetized sidebar and SEO Optimization.

TechDesigns is a two columns, grey, fixed width, widget ready theme.

TyreMonkey2 is a red & black 3 column theme with a mini cooper logo. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Nature is a two column, fixed width, widget ready theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)




  1. AndrewE (4 comments.) says:

    Ajay, thanks for adding my entry at the last minute. As always I really appreciate the support!

  2. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    You’re welcome Andrew :)

  3. Rasmus (10 comments.) says:

    Yay! I’ve finally found my new theme – only after looking for one for a couple of months. :D The YUI-Mainstream 750 theme is simply excellent.

  4. Myo Kyaw Htun (8 comments.) says:

    Thanks Ajay for your help. I’m so happy to see my theme link in your post.

  5. Dave (1 comments.) says:

    Just found your site while I was looking for a new theme. Thanks for the great resource, it’ll save me some time. All the best.

  6. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    You’re welcome Myo

  7. EXiT WEB (27 comments.) says:

    The most wonderful themes really!

    Victoria and TyreMonkey2 are the best!

    Thanks in advance!


  1. […] Victoria es un tema muy cuidado con estilo de revista magazine. Las entradas están separadas en 2 columnas, sin duda un buen tema para WordPress. vía […]

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