WordPress Theme Releases for 6/08


Pride is a three column, hybrid, rounded edge, lighweight, blue and yellow theme for WordPress that is very Blogger-esque. The theme elements have a comic like quality and looks very polished. Pride is authored by Small Potato and is released under the GPL.

Prosumer is a three column, widget ready, white background, somewhat bare theme for WordPress by Jauhari. The “somewhat bare”ness of the theme is made up by the nicely placed accent graphics and the smooth flow of the theme.

Clean Copy is a widget ready, two column, well spaced out, somewhat light theme for WordPress with blue and white colors and five random header graphics.

SilkStream is a dark, three column, blue on black theme from Milo. It is widget ready, has a sideblog , recent comments, related posts and flickr RSS.

Spiritual Journey is a three column, left and right sidebar, widget ready theme for WordPress with a journal feel. It also uses FamFamFam icons.

Daleri Selection is a fixed-width (990px) wide theme which can have 2 or 3 columns – or a combination of 2 and 3 columns. It is simple, useful, not very advanced – but hopefully well coded. The theme is also somewhat square.

CopyBlogger is a two column, highly visible, expansive theme for WordPress based on Cutline. It was the original theme for CopyBlogger that Chris developed.

WhyDontYou is a three column, fluid width, widget ready, dark blue and colorful theme for WordPress. It requires Dunstan-like error pages and UTW plugins.

PBlue is a three column widget enabled theme for WordPress with big fonts and a a flower image towards the right of the top banner. The three columns use different but similar background colors. The theme is based on blue and black colors. (Contains Sposored Links)

Gathering 3C is a three column, white and black, fixed width, widget ready, right sidebar theme for WordPress. (Contains Sponsored Links)

MyIsland is a two column, rounded edge theme for WordPress that is slightly different from the rest of the pack. It has an old school LJ like feel. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Simply Blue is a two column, smooth, light blue, striped background, somewhat different theme for WordPress. (Contains Sponsored Links)

FieldScape is a three column, AdSense ready wordpress theme with the header image of a field. It is dark and has rounded corners. (Contains Sponsored Links)




  1. Small Potato (19 comments.) says:

    Mark, thanks for reminding me about blogger. After finishing Pride’s design, it reminded me of another blog design, but I just couldn’t put a finger on which one it reminded me of.

  2. EXiT WEB (27 comments.) says:

    Not so concludent. They are a lot of themes, most of them are simpe and neet, but ….

    I don’t know.

    Thanks anyway guys!

  3. alam (3 comments.) says:

    I have try copyblogger, seem not compatible with a few plugin.

  4. Alex O (11 comments.) says:

    It pitys me to see that so many themes are now using the sponsored links.

    It seems fair enough considering they are free, but no one wants ads which they don’t get paid for themselves on their website, just for a theme.

    • Kim Jones (1 comments.) says:

      I am pretty sure you can remove the sponsored links within the theme options – well as long as the developer allows users to make modifications to it.


  1. […] FieldScape es un tema a tres columnas, listo para Adsense, y con la cabecera personalizable desde un campo. Colores oscuros y esquinas redondeadas. Tiene enlaces de patrocinadores. vía: WTC […]

  2. DiggLife says:



    2.Prosumer (current version 1.1)(可以在首页随机显示3个图片,有点意思)

    3.Clean Copy


    4.Silk Stream(flickr被和谐在这个截图….

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