WordPress Theme Releases for 6/16


Bluebird is a cute 3-column theme with light-blue and chocolate-colored accents designed for 1024×768 resolution.

Glued is a 3-column theme with Web 2.0-style tabs and a professional look.

Lovecraft is a 3-column, fixed-width (1024px), widget-ready theme. Both sidebar columns sit on the right side, and the theme displays in yellow, white, and two shade of blue.

PGreen is a 2-column, fixed-width, widget-ready theme. The sidebar sits on the right side and shares space with the header.

Sunshine is a 2-column, fixed-width theme dressed up in bright red and yellow colors.

Triplex is a 3-column, fixed-width, widget-ready theme with a Web 2.0 feel. Both sidebar columns sit on the right side.

Unthemed Clean Blue is a 2-column, minimalist-style theme.

Envision 3C is a 3-column, widget-ready theme with a blue header and pastel green and white sidebars. Both sidebar columns sit on the right side, and the theme supports Google Adsense. (Contains sponsored links.)

Molotone is a 2-column, widget- and adsense-ready, glossy theme that looks like a version of the WordPress default theme. (Contains sponsored links.)

Nubricks is 2-column, fixed-width theme based on the default Kubrick theme. (Contains sponsored links.)




  1. trench (30 comments.) says:

    Dezzain Studio has some nice themes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Daniel Condurachi (9 comments.) says:

    I do not know why you present poorer and poorer themes. Most of them have nothing special worth presenting

  3. Inga Oz (6 comments.) says:

    Triplex theme is very nice one! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Paul Enderson (2 comments.) says:

    Well Jim, I think you’re doing a great job – and let’s face it, nobody expects every single theme to be of amazing quality!

    Of course, some people (Mr Condurachi) simply stick up the most commonly-used template they can find (K2/K3) and add recolour the header… ;)

  5. TW (1 comments.) says:

    Daniel, while I sort of agree with what you are saying, I think there is still a lot of value for presenting the themes – if nothing else, the value judgement as to if they are poor or not is often very subjective.

    For people who have spent months with WP and read every theme announcement, then yes, they may well seem repetitive. For people new to WP, or just new to looking into themes, each one will seem different and may be interesting.

    Most importantly (IMHO of course), the big thing about showcasing the themes here (even if some are far from cutting edge design) is that it gives hope and impetus to a new theme designer. Few will hit the bullseye with their first few themes and it is easy to become discouraged if you get no feed back and no hits. A link here will translate into around a thousand hits on the creators blog, hopefully a few of them will try the theme or make comments which can improve it.

  6. Daniel Condurachi (9 comments.) says:

    Jim is doing a good job indeed. I didn’t say that he isn’t. I read all of Jim posts, especially those regarding the themes. The trend in the quality of the themes that appear is downslope.

    My complaint was regarding the themes in particular, about how they look and the lack of new ideas. I am just a user, I am not a theme creator. This is my point of view and I stick to it.

    I use K2 because it is stable and as standardized as possible. I changed a few things to suit me and my blog purpose. I wish one day to find a better theme that would suit me.

  7. Mi (4 comments.) says:

    For sceptics: If you have a chose – its better than when you dont.
    Thanks for your work, Jim.

  8. rkcorp (8 comments.) says:

    thanks again jim for your time and effort…sure glad you
    took some time to list all the themes…appreciated



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