WordPress Plugin Releases for 09/11

September 11th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Thumbnail For Excerpts

Thumbnail For Excerpts search the post for the first image. If exists, than it will search for the thumbnail created by default by WordPress for the image, if it was uploaded from WP administration area.

Interactive Video

Enhance your blog with both basic and advanced video capabilities. Upload/ record/import videos directly to your post, edit and remix video content, enable video responses, manage and track your video content and much more…

Progressive License

Progressive license is a plugin that gives authors an opportunity to put Creative Commons or Custom Licenses on their content.


TxtVox connects mobile subscribers with blogs, newsletters, podcasts and other information sources through an innovative combination of advertising-supported text messaging and personalized mobile pages.


Embed 3D Flick Photo Galleries in the WordPress sidebar. Enjoy the same 3D immersive FotoViewr experience in your WordPress blog.


Integrate badges on your blog to display the number of followers you have on Twitter

Digg Integrate

Add a “Digg This” button to your post.

Redirect WordPress Users

Redirect WordPress users to different locations after they log in.

Plugin authors might like to take a look at Hit a Moving Target in your WordPress Plugin




  1. Otto (215 comments.) says:

    I hate it when new plugins pick the same name and functionality as already existing well known plugins…

    Wordbook has been around for quite a while:

  2. Sid Savara (9 comments.) says:

    Wow! I was just manually doing thumbnails for excerpts. I never even thought to go look for a plugin to do it for me! Way better idea!

  3. John (35 comments.) says:

    wow. that video thing is king.

    • Otto (215 comments.) says:

      It is indeed very cool, but it doesn’t appear to support video podcasting correctly (their live demo doesn’t, at least), and it only allows 3GB per month free streaming. All the video content is hosted on Kaltura’s servers, which kinda blows as well. Very proprietary stuff there.

  4. John McCaine says:

    Have you guys forgotten abaout the plugin competition or what?

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