WordPress Plugin Releases for 08/16

August 16th, 2008
WordPress Plugins


WP-Post-Banners is a standalone script / WordPress plugin that can mine your WordPress posts or any other data and look for images suiting a given dimension and generates ‘featured’ section for your site using the found items.

Expanding Text plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin allows you to create sections of text in your post or page which expand/collapse when clicked on. You simply wrap the special tags around your text, and set the ‘expand link’ (the link visitors click on to show the text).

Kaltura Interactive Video Plugin

Add interactive video capabilities to your blog! Enhance your WordPress blog with both basic and advanced video capabilities. Upload, record, import videos directly to your post, edit and remix video content, enable video responses, manage and track your video content and much more…

Wet Maintenance

Hides a site from unauthenticated users wit ha ‘503 Service Unavailable’ status while logged-in visitors will see the permanently improving mess in its full glory. (Page in German)


Actionable allows the creation of a categorized list of action items for users to check off and track. It was originally developed for Share 350.0 – a plan for regional sustainability to help people track their actions and efforts to create a sustainable community.

Facelift Image Replacement

FLIR for WordPress implements Facelife Image Replacement by Cory Mawhorter. It is currently in early development but is usable at this time with some manual configuration.

Lightbox Plus

Lightbox Plus is a plugin that implements Lightbox JS by Lokesh Dhakar. Lightbox Plus is used to create overlay display images on the webpage and to automatically add the correct overlay links to images. Lightbox Plus captures the image title for display.


ComplexLife is a fork from Kieran’s SimpleLife. It shows your activity for any service that gives a date sorted rss/atom activity feed. The plugin then displays all that activity in any place you want it sorted by time, as a personal lifestream.

Tweet Tweet

Tweet Tweet is a plugin for WordPress that polls Twitter and archives your tweets and the tweets of those you follow so those insightful conversations you have at 1am are never lost.


A statistics plugin for WordPress

Blog Icons

Easily add an Apple iPod Touch / iPhone icon, a favicon and a feed image to your blog

Amazon Auto Affiliate Linker

Automatically adds your Amazon Affiliate ID to the back of all the links to Amazon you use in your blog

While on the topic of plugins, plugin authors might want to take a look at Make Clean and Readable Sources — Why and How.



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