Introducing Weblog Tools Videos


We had talked about introducing something new and exciting and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Weblog Tools Videos to my readers. It is simply an extension of Weblog Tools Collection and a means for us to have the ability to find, upload, view, peruse and aggregate videos related to WordPress, blogging, tutorials, web design etc.

I am really excited about quite a few of the features of Weblog Tools Videos. In addition to the obvious ability to browse through the latest videos and the most popular ones, readers can add videos from various video upload sites, link to videos published elsewhere, upload their own videos and most importantly, record and upload videos from their computers directly from their webcam. There are plans to allow screencast capture and record and post Skype videos and conferences as well. So go ahead and register and start uploading and linking videos.

The power of Weblog Tools Videos is in its users (which is why I ask you to register). When you upload a WordPress or a blogging video to YouTube, your video is lost in YouTube’s content stream, picked up and washed away in the barrage of new content. On Weblog Tools Videos, your multimedia will be exposed to a highly concentrated and well defined audience looking to view and absorb just the kind of media you are looking to produce. Since most of the other features, including the embedding and the social interaction is the same, you could upload your newly produced videos to Weblog Tools Videos and use it/embed it on your blog and/or social content in almost exactly the same way as before (expect an embed plugin soon). In the process, you will receive the attention of the Weblog Tools Collection audience as well as benefit from the exposure on your own site.

Are you videoing yet?




  1. Justin Tadlock (51 comments.) says:

    Mark, it sounds pretty exciting. I’m off to check it out right now. I’ve been thinking about doing a video blog section on my site about WordPress-related things but didn’t want to use YouTube or host the video myself. This could be a perfect platform to launch from.

  2. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    I’ve wanted to do a video/audio blog for some time now, but I didn’t want to mess with trying to sort thru 900+ wordpress plugins to try to find that functionality for wordpress. I’ve always said for along time now, that wordpress should have that built-in, but I’m sure its a matter of finding a solution to the hosting of the videos bit. I’d pay money for a decient service though

  3. Sabo (13 comments.) says:

    Great man, congrats! is it possible you can send me an e-mail to tell me what kind of software are you using for the site?

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