WP Podcast #6

September 18th, 2006

WP Podcast #6 I follow the WordPress podcast as and when I get a chance and more often than not, I stumble upon it as various different blogs talk about how cool this episode is. This time I am quite surprised at the total number of items that Charles has packed into this episode. How many of you listen to this regularly?

While I am on the subject, I was really impressed with a video class that I have been taking recently. Beside the alacrity of Steven Tomlinson, I find that the videos are very well put together. With the increasing poplarity of video blogging and the increase in the number of people willing to watch online video blogs, I wish someone would produce a video blog with Steven’s format.

Well, I talk about how good the format is, but never tell you what it is like. These videos are all produced in Quicktime and have two distinct areas on each video with clever editing thrown in. The first is a somewhat static video shot of Steven and the other is a whiteboard that displays information on the subject, much like a classroom setting. The clever editing of the videos also changes focus of the video at times and shows a bird’s eye view of Steven’s work area.

Charles’ podcast list of items reminds me of how fun it would be to produce a video blog of the same type as Steven’s video classes with the blogger walking through the various tools, talking about the salient features, cool ways to do things, interesting tidbits etc. That would be an awesome video blog and content would be very easy to collect and present.




  1. Charles Stricklin (aka twidget) (11 comments.) says:

    Did you miss the part about Bradley Charbonneau’s tutorials?

    I’d be interested in any videocasts you might produce. It would be an awesome video blog, but if my experience producing a 20 minute audio blog are any indication, I wouldn’t say the video blog you’re talking about would be easy.

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