WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/13

November 13th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins


By organizing your galleries as multiple child pages of one parent page, you can use this plugin to see a preview thumbnail and description of each gallery.

IntenseDebate Comments

IntenseDebate comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog. Build your reader community, increase your comments, & boost pageviews.

WP Cache Inspect

Enables you to inspect how the builtin cache is working.

WP Simple Adsense Insertion

Easy to use WordPress plugin to insert Google Adsense to your posts, pages and sidebar.

WP Digg This

Selectively adds Digg button to your posts. Use ‘digg’ = ‘1’ custom field in the post to promote.

Draw Comments

This plugin allows your visitors to draw an image as extra comment.

Referrer Detector

Helps your blog detect where the user comes from and automatically displays the corresponding greetings.


Checks WordPress installation (database and files) for changes and emails admin if any changes took place.

Updated Plugins

All in one Video Pack

This plugin allows you to add an interactive video player that includes an upload/import tool and a web-based video mixer. You can also allow your readers and subscribers to add video comments to your blog posts. (Requires registration to download)

Interactive Video

The plugin enables you to enhance your blog with both basic and advanced video capabilities. Upload/ record/import videos directly to your post, edit and remix video content, enable video responses, manage and track your video content and much more… (Requires registration to download)

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin

Turns WordPress into a photoblog. Allows queue based photo management, batch uploads and automatic posting of photos at regular intervals.

Theme Switch

With this plugin you can switch to a totally different blog template when you are logged in to your WordPress dashboard.




  1. Jeff Chandler (295 comments.) says:

    LOL, Draw Comments is one of those crazy fun plugins that adds a new dimension to comments. Not practical but funny none the less.


  1. […] when Weblog Tools Collection mentioned a new plugin called Referrer Detector, I figured I’d give it a whirl. It didn’t quite work right […]

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