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November 14th, 2008

John Kolbert of Techlyzer has produced a great screencast explaining how to create the collapsible and movable option boxes within the WordPress 2.7 write new page/post screens. The tutorial starts off by creating a dummy plugin which you then add functions to which give it the draggable/collapsible options within the Administration panel. John provides a sample plugin to use as well as a link to the article on the Codex that explains the add_meta_box function.

This tutorial is mainly for those aspiring plugin authors as well as for those who would like to add this type of functionality to their own plugin. John should rename this video to add_meta_boxes explained in plain English because even I understood and learned a thing or two. Final though is that I would absolutely love to see more screencasts like these in the future and have them embedded into their respective Codex articles. How cool would that be?




  1. Justin Tadlock (51 comments.) says:

    It’s a great video. I caught it from the news feed here. I done something similar in my latest theme.

    I wouldn’t want to embed videos like this in the Codex articles because text just seems better when you’re looking to find code. It would be great to see links to videos like this from the Codex articles though.

  2. arena says:

    just great! but i am still trying to make it work with my own plugin pages … any sample to show me ? thanks

  3. arena says:

    and to have my own screen options and help !!!

  4. Andrew Ferguson (1 comments.) says:


    Here’s how I used implemented add_meta_box on my plugins page.

    I have no idea why other people haven’t documented this yet.

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