Calling all Plugin Authors


We’re one month into the plugin competition, so I thought I should write in and ask you how plugin development is going on?

Are you ready with a plugin?
If so, then it is time to create an entry on the Plugin Competition Blog. If you do not have author access then create an account and contact us to upgrade your account. Don’t forget to mention the plugin page on your site.

Are you still hunting for ideas?
Take a look at a post I made a while back.

Need some questions answered?
Ask away :)

Looking to sponsor the competition or donate some prize money?
Please contact us. Donating money is easy and quick and it helps out the WordPress community.

Remember we have just another month to go before the end of the plugin competition.




  1. Max (2 comments.) says:

    I have an idea for a plugin, but I don’t have the knwoledge to write one so maybe someone will do it :)

    I have a softball team and I want a wordpress widget that can make a roster and enter everyone’s stats (Hits, Walks, RBI, etc…), If it included a place to put our schedule in too, that woudl be cool. But roster and stats is what I really want.

    My team wordpress blog is here if you need to see what I am doing currently for the team:

  2. cmolway says:

    Max, I think there is a plugin out there called “league manager” that does what you want (with a little customization).

  3. Andrew (31 comments.) says:

    I’m planning a release this weekend. I’m just writing up my guidance material.

  4. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Looking forward to the release Andrew

  5. Max (2 comments.) says:

    Actually league manager is for a whole league. We are just one team of friends, and I just want to have stats & roster for my own team. The league manager is for league standings and brackets and stuff and does not break it down by player.

    Thanks though :)

    Still would love to see an individual team plugin.


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