WordPress Theme Release for 6/6


Two Column Themes



ClearPixels is a widget-ready theme fully compatible with WordPress 2.5. Native Gravatar (2.5+) and tagging support. Also has an optional "sitewide announcement" configurable via a theme options page.



iPhonized is a two column widget-ready theme. The theme supports custom fields. The titles and comment counts are surrounded by rounded corners. The comments are embedded inside speech boxes.



Spotlight is a free WordPress theme with 3 widgetized areas in the sidebar (top, left, right) along with native Gravatar (2.5+) and tag support.

Three Column Themes

Mag Essentials


Mag Essentials is three column widget-ready theme. The theme has a wide sidebar and has space for banner ad integration. The theme has a magazine style Design.



Pundit is a three column widget-ready theme designed to focus on the writing. Perfect for news or political blogs or for anyone who anyone who wants to keep it simple.

WP Platinum


WP Platinum is a 3 column widget-ready theme specifically created for Firefox. The theme has a featured article section.




  1. Siddharth (1 comments.) says:

    I think Clear Pixel is the best :D

  2. John (35 comments.) says:


  3. Neil (30 comments.) says:

    Nice themes ;)

  4. Mosey says:

    I like the clean look of Mag Essentials, thanks! :D However, I do think the main content part could be wider; and the menu/widget part that lists categories could be less prominent.

  5. libretto (19 comments.) says:

    ClearPixels est déjà traduit en français :

  6. Vladimir (1 comments.) says:


  7. Jonathan Dobres (5 comments.) says:

    Doesn’t WP Platinum’s “Designed for Firefox” message kind of defeat the point of Firefox in the first place?

  8. Ankan Basu (7 comments.) says:

    Clear Pixels is the best..Love the pagination system. Going to use it in gaanmela site!

  9. Guillermo (2 comments.) says:

    great round of design.
    thank you wordpress community!

  10. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    Doesn’t WP Platinum’s “Designed for Firefox” message kind of defeat the point of Firefox in the first place?

    I agree. That’s counterproductive. It’s Netscape v. IE all over again. And I prefer Konqueror anyway.

  11. The Worldziller (1 comments.) says:

    Clear Pixels is a great 2 column clear and good color designed theme! I really like it!

  12. Peter From (3 comments.) says:

    Well, it´s designed for FireFox. Is there such a thing as “Firefox v/s Explorer” anymore? One of these days I just might sit down and write the Explorer CSS for WP Platinum. One of these days… On the other hand, I just might not. When the number of requests reaches more than three, I might consider it… ;-)

  13. Narcizm™ (1 comments.) says:

    wow, nice themes,.

    thanks ;)

  14. I'm stuck. :( says:

    Hey Peter

    WP Platinum theme, you say that some extra configuration is supposed to be done, but the instructions via the link you gave doesn’t really go into detail, like, which files are supposed to be edited, etc.

    Any suggestions to get this working for the drop down thingys at the top, and for them to show on every page.


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