WordCamp Philippines Is On

May 22nd, 2008

It’s recently been confirmed that the first WordCamp in the Philippines will be taking place on October 25, 2008 September 6, 2008 in Manila. The event is being put together by the same group of people who were responsible for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit. The WordCamp event plans on taking two tracks. One for technical sessions with the other concentrating on beginners. Asides from the social gathering of WordPress enthusiasts, WordCamp Philippines is also planning to hold an “Install-Fest” where everyone will be encouraged to bring their laptops or desktops to the event where a guided tour of installing to the latest version will done along with, installing the most important plugins, and for demonstrations on how to tweak WP themes.

Robillo has stated that :

“Beyond the technical know-how that we wish to impart to participants, doing WordCamp in the Philippines will mean deeper awareness of blogging as an effective medium of communication and advocacy,”

Wow, it sounds like WordCamp Philippines is going to be an awesome event.

WordCamp Philippines Logo

To stay up to date on the latest information regarding this particular WordCamp, be sure to book mark the official Philippines WordCamp Page.




  1. Kevin Paquet (1 comments.) says:

    But. I don’t know if I can even attend :(
    I have hoped that the people behind the scene of the bloggers summit would create a WordCamp in Mindanao, Davao specifically :(
    Manila is quiet far.
    It’s time to rack up some dollars from review earnings :D

  2. ChiQ Montes (4 comments.) says:

    I am definitely attending!! Woohoo!!

  3. manilenya (1 comments.) says:

    I can’t attend, I’m here in Canada lol!! Mabuhay Pilipinas!!!

  4. Blogie Robillo (1 comments.) says:

    Hello there! Thanks for plugging the event. :)

  5. Hussein (3 comments.) says:

    WOW. I’ll try to attend :D

  6. jhay (4 comments.) says:

    Count me in! Woot!

  7. Baklang AJ (1 comments.) says:

    This is gonna be awesome! We’re excited!

  8. Gerard (1 comments.) says:

    I wish I was back in the Philippines T~T

  9. Tyrone (1 comments.) says:

    See you guys thee! :)

  10. Maoey (1 comments.) says:

    Gaaah~ I wish I could go to Manila by Septembaaaah. :(

  11. Nelson (2 comments.) says:

    I wish I live in Manila!

  12. Allan says:

    Yes! good that am here in manila already…

  13. Johnny Mestizo (1 comments.) says:

    WordPress 2.5.1 (current) is fantastic stable platform for blogging. I’ve been doing it a for 6 months and no problems. Get out there and have your say with WordPress!


  14. lyndsay says:

    GRRRReEEEEAAAATTTT!!! I wish I could work out on that…i’d love to go…hope to remember that!!! awesome!!!

  15. Leo (1 comments.) says:

    2 hours ride, tingnan ko kung maka attend, good thing I saw this on dashboard

  16. BoyetB (1 comments.) says:

    This is great! Am in!

  17. Fritz (1 comments.) says:

    Calendar date blocked for WP Wordcamp Philippines. W00t!

  18. C5 (1 comments.) says:

    This is great! Where will it be held?

  19. Blogie Robillo (1 comments.) says:

    Hello C5 & all you WordPressers out there! WordCamp Philippines will be at College of St. Benilde, Taft Ave., Manila. Please refer to the official site for further announcements: :)

  20. matcom-posc says:

    Sammmmmma akooooo……………

  21. jessie (2 comments.) says:

    This event is going to be great. Filipinos are finally going to have a chance to know more about WordPress and blogging. Looking forward to it.

  22. The Pageman (1 comments.) says:

    Here’s my attempt to liveblog the event! :)


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